Bill Criminalizing Lewd Content Filmed on School Grounds Vetoed by Hobbs

A full year ago, it was revealed that an 8th-grade science teacher was making pornographic content on school grounds in Lake Havasu. Now, Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs vetoed legislation that would prevent things like this from happening.

Senator Jake Hoffman put Hobbs on blast for her decision. She practically placed herself in support of pornographic films and imagery being recorded on school grounds, a place designated for learning.

“Saving books” take priority over banning porn in schools

The legislation in question was set to make the act into a Class 5 felony, something the Democrats hate to hear. They love seeing grown men in women’s lingerie parading around their kids.

Hoffman stated that Gov. Katie Hobbs is essentially promoting far-left extremism with her decision to veto yet another bill that aimed to protect children from inappropriate topics in the classroom.

The fact that someone can actually support the filming of pornography on school grounds is sickening, especially considering these are taxpayer-funded classrooms, meaning the residents of Arizona paid for the venue.

Instead of offering a reasonable response to the concerns with the vetoing of the bill, Hobbs’ office instead claimed the bill was only a poor way to address the many concerns parents have regarding what’s appropriate content for minors.

Hobbs goes too far left

Last time we checked, all pornographic materials have a strict limitation on who they’re for. No minor should ever be exposed to sexually explicit imagery, whether it’s online or in school libraries, where the libs keep putting it.

Hobbs sent out a letter, claiming the bill was written in a way that would allow for books to be banned, rather than preventing a similar event from occurring on school grounds.

A classroom should be a safe space for our kids to learn and educate themselves, not an area where grown men and women can film their sexual acts, especially ones that are sold online.

Every middle school child should be spared the thought that their teacher filmed a pornographic movie on their desk; yet, due to Hobbs’ veto, that won’t be the case.

Instead, events like this will keep happening, and those involved will keep walking away unscathed, at most with a suspension or removal from their workplace.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.