Bill Clinton Smashes Democrats For Rising Illegal Immigration

Former President Bill Clinton distanced himself from the narrative of mainstream Democrats on the issue of open borders and rising illegal immigration.

As the immigration crisis reached a dangerously high level under the Biden administration, Clinton suggested America could only entertain a limited number of illegal immigrants.

Bill Clinton Urges to Reduce Illegal Immigration

In his podcast, CNN host Fareed Zakaria asked Clinton whether the situation at the border needs to be controlled or not.

Furthermore, Zakaria told the former president many illegal immigrants are playing with the system, as they are coming for economic opportunity, but posing as asylum seekers.

While responding to Zakaria, Clinton noted no society could absorb an unlimited number of illegal immigrants without disrupting its own social structure.

According to Clinton, the US system is working on the assumption that everything will become normal, which is prompting the incumbent administration to invite illegal immigrants en masse.

Clinton’s statement came at a time when the US southern border is grappling with unprecedented numbers of illegal immigrants.

This fiscal year, border encounters have already reached a whopping two million, not to mention more than 200,000 illegal immigrants tried to enter America in August only.

In addition to that, Clinton claimed Mexican immigrants used to move back and forth between the United States and Mexico for agricultural jobs in his childhood, but the situation is not the same any more.

These days, Clinton continued, America is struggling with a large number of refugees, due to the prevailing wars in Ukraine and Syria, alongside many other worldwide problems.

Similarly, the former president also discussed the recent surge of illegal immigrants coming from Venezuela.

He also slammed Texas Governor Greg Abbott for transporting illegal immigrants to sanctuary destinations, which urged many other GOP governors to do the same thing.

As per Clinton, surging illegal immigration from Colombia and other nearby countries provided an opportunity for Abbott to target those cities which do not agree with his political ideologies.

Until now, Texas has bussed almost 10,000 illegal immigrants to New York City, Chicago, and Washington DC to highlight the issue of open borders in front of the Biden administration.

In a recent op-ed, Abbott claimed his efforts to transport illegal immigrants to other places have successfully reduced the burden on Texas border regions; they were struggling with the open border crisis otherwise.

Abbott also added his efforts made the border crisis an issue of national importance since the mainstream media is finally highlighting the border issue.

Likewise, Clinton noted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ attempt to transport 50 illegal immigrants to the luxurious island of Martha’s Vineyard could eventually backfire.

During his 1995 State of the Union address as the president of the United States, Clinton already acknowledged all Americans are equally disturbed by rising illegal immigration.

Back then, Clinton suggested illegal immigrants put a burden on the US economy, which is detrimental to American citizens and legal migrants.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.