Biggest Tax Relief Introduced, Biden-flation to Die

In his bid to provide relief to the masses, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis signed the largest tax relief bill in the history of the state.

According to the newly signed bill, Floridians will amass $1.2 billion in savings.

Massive Tax Relief For Floridians

As DeSantis signed House Bill 7071 into law, now Floridians will be able to enjoy permanent tax relief measures. These include a cut in income tax credit expansions, sales tax, and ad valorem tax.

Apart from regular sales tax breaks, this law will also provide ten sales tax holidays; some will extend into 2023 and 2024.

Under this tax cut scheme, tax holidays will be provided on children’s book sales from May 14 to August 14 this year. Similarly, the Diapers tax sales holiday will be continued to June 2023, starting from July 1, 2022.

For disaster management programs, a 13-day disaster preparedness sales tax holiday is introduced; a weather preparedness tax holiday will be available for two years starting from July this year.

According to the governor, the economy of Florida is progressing at a rapid pace, but the state is still struggling against the “inflationary policies” of the Biden administration.

Thus, the state itself has to step up to help its residents so the families living there can afford things again, DeSantis added.

Likewise, the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, Chris Sprowls, noted the uncontrollable social spending spree of Biden skyrocketed inflation in the United States.

People needed these tax exemptions badly. If Floridians do not pay taxes on some items, the speaker stated, it could help them fight chronic inflation.

The latest tax relief will help every Floridian in some way, as it provides tax exemptions on a variety of daily household items, ranging from diapers to books.

Florida Fighting the Mess Introduced by Biden

However, Florida is unlikely to fix all persisting messes alone, per the president of the Florida Senate, Wilton Simpson.

This is why the state is striving to provide maximum comfort to the people in its own jurisdiction by not only providing sales tax relief, but also giving a month-long gas tax holiday.

Low or average-income households will benefit the most with the help of these tax exemptions, as they will be able to equip their residences for extreme weather conditions.

Similarly, blue-collar workers who were struggling to pay alarmingly high gas and oil prices will also be able to enjoy cheaper commodities.

The Senate president revealed that Florida’s sales tax exemptions would be available for hurricane seasons and back-to-school time.

These sales tax exemptions are also going to be paired with tax relief on many other short and long-term items.

While all of the tax relief will start this year, some will continue in the upcoming years as well.