Big Win for Gun Rights in West Virginia

The West Virginia Assembly legislators decided this week to permit anyone who is licensed to carry concealed weapons to do so on statewide college and university campuses.

The Law Has Passed

NRA-backed Senate Bill 10 was approved 84 to 13 inside the West Virginia Assembly of Delegates. It will now be sent to conservative West Virginia Governor Jim Justice for his signature.

If passed, the University Self-Defense bill will supersede any restrictions on concealed carry owners having access to guns on campus. These restrictions were made by the Higher Ed Policy Council, the Commission for Communities and Technological College Education, and institutions’ boards of directors.

Art Thomm informed Fox News Online on Tuesday that the NRA “praises the West Virginia State’s approval of NRA-backed college carry bill.”

“There is no justification for not trusting any person who is found capable of defending his or her nation in a battle to protect oneself, as well as others, in college. A grownup who is allowed to be carried in other regions of the nation need not be untrustworthy when on campus.”

Fox News reports that if approved, West Virginia becomes the 12th jurisdiction to permit concealed carry license holders to carry weapons on college campuses.

Republican Representative Mike Honaker, a former member of the Virginia State Police who reacted to the 2007 massacre on the campuses of Virginia Tech, backed the legislation.

According to Fox News, opponents of the law, including numerous college students from West Virginia, showed out at a town hall last week to voice their opposition.

As per Fox News, E.T. Bowen, a sophomore, stated that learners are “frightened on campuses as it is.”

“We will not need additional weapons to make that worse. It is terrible that we have to say there’s still blood everywhere at Michigan State because this law is like pouring fuel on the inferno.”

The incident at the University of Michigan in February, in which 43-year-old Anthony Dwayne McRae murdered three individuals and wounded five others, led to the passage of the law.

A left-leaning district attorney subsequently removed the felony firearms charges against McRae, who had previously been detained.

Democrats Fight Back

According to a media release, when numerous Democrats presented bills in the aftermath of the Michigan State University (MSU) tragedy, a Michigan-based 2nd Amendment advocacy organization pledged to recall any legislator who votes in support of gun control proposals.

After Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer declared assistance for reform, the Great Lakes Gun Ownership group will start working with grassroots-level organizations to recall anti-gun legislators who force harsh gun control bills onto the Michigan Senate.

Having followed the MSU incident, Michigan legislators tried to introduce 11 bills aimed at regulating guns.

The bills request “widespread” background checks, the confiscation of weapons, an authorization scheme for all weapons, red flag laws, and up-to-date gun storage regulations.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.