Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Just Hit a Roadblock

Joe Biden came into office promising to unify the country and jumpstart the economy. He promised an end to COVID and a return to sunnier days of health and prosperity.

Since those heady days, we’ve seen the approach of near nuclear war in eastern Europe, record inflation, and domestic polarization like never before.

Though one of the few things that Biden was hoping to truly get done was student loan forgiveness, which he put through recently.

However, that’s now running into a big problem: six Republican states are trying to block the plan just days after it rolled into effect.

An Unconstitutional Use of Federal Authority

South Carolina, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, and Nebraska say that student debt forgiveness is unconstitutional.

On Friday, a judge put an “administrative stay” on the program, even as Biden already tweeted out links to it.

The judge says it will have to stay paused for now while the court of appeals hears this case. Students are left without really knowing what happens now.

According to the Biden administration, student debts would begin to be relieved in mid-November. Now with this injunction, it’s unclear when the actual student loan forgiveness will go into effect or exactly how.

Press Secretary KJP Responds to Case

Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP), told students to continue asking for debt forgiveness, despite the case being in process.

She said the Biden administration will continue to make efforts to help pay this debt forgiveness even if the courts hold things up. She said it is the GOP that is ruining students’ lives and futures.

Student loans were set to begin kicking in as usual at the beginning of next year, after many had been suspended since the beginning of the pandemic.

Many students hoped to settle their debts partly using Biden’s student loan forgiveness, but now that’s somewhat in question.

A Real Headache

At this point, student debt continues to be a big headache. Many have debts they’re worried about, which will be kicking back in soon.

These Republican-led states want to see this appeal all the way through; people like Nebraska AG Doug Peterson say the administrative stay is the right move legally speaking.

Peterson says that American taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for the private decisions of individuals to pursue higher education when they can’t afford it.

The student loan forgiveness Biden pushed through represents about $400 billion in tax dollars; there’s no doubt it would contribute to the inflation situation.

The key thing to realize here, however, is this is far from the biggest way the Biden-Harris regime has acted unconstitutionally.

They’re currently on a crusade against pro-life activists, former Trump officials, and religious conservatives.

Biden recently said Republicans are hypocrites, but the truth is that it’s he who’s the hypocrite, pushing all sorts of big government socialism and giving away other people’s money but refusing to take any out of his own pocket.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.