Biden’s Statement Debunked By His Previous Claims

In his Labor Day speech, Biden claimed he worked as an activist during the civil rights movements in the 1960s.

However, these claims of Biden are in contradiction with his previous claims that he neither worked as a civil rights activist, nor took part in any civil rights movement march.

Biden’s Failed Attempt to Impress Black Voters

Biden has often made headlines for spewing false claims regarding his involvement in different human rights movements. This time, he asserted he remained highly engaged in the civil rights movement when he was a kid in the 1960s.

Likewise, Biden made similar comments last year when he stated he experienced the difficulties of the civil rights movement. In addition to that, in 2020, Biden suggested he took part in desegregating restaurants during the civil rights movement.

While Biden bragged about his involvement in the civil rights movement, he himself claimed in 1987, he was never a civil rights activist.

During his first presidential campaign in 1987, Biden noted he was extremely “concerned” about the civil rights movement, but did not take part as an activist in the movement.

According to Biden, he knew what black people were thinking and feeling in the 1960s since he worked at an all-black swimming pool in Delaware.

Apart from the swimming pool, Biden continued, he was not present anywhere else during the civil rights movement. He did not even march with black people.

Biden’s History of Lying About His Past Experiences

In 2019, the New York Times published a story that suggested Biden’s campaign advisers told him he never worked as a civil rights activist, but he is still reiterating the same story anyway.

Although Biden was present outside a segregationist restaurant in the 1960s, black students who were at the receiving end of racism suggested he had no role to play in desegregating restaurants.

One black student, Frank Hutchins, who was denied service due to his color, told the Washington Post in 1987 that Biden was not aware of what was happening around him. 

Previously, Biden even claimed he was once arrested during the civil rights movement, but fact-checkers already labeled the claim as false.

While historians believe civil rights protests erupted outside Biden’s house in 1959, there is no evidence he was arrested during those protests. 

Biden’s controversial first presidential campaign ended when he ran into multiple controversies, including false claims of civil rights activism, plagiarizing speeches, and lying about his academic record.

This is not the first time Biden is trying to get sympathy by lying about his past experiences.

Earlier this year, Biden claimed he was appointed to the Naval Academy by former Senator J. Caleb Boggs, but no historian managed to verify the authenticity of those claims.