Biden’s Silence on Shootdowns Sparks Questions

Over the course of the past weekend, three airborne objects were taken down in North American airspace by the US military, as instructed by President Joe Biden.

Despite the remarkable events, the president failed to provide any clarification or comfort to the public, leaving many with questions and concerns.

Biden Fails to Answer Questions About Airborne Objects

As of Sunday evening, the White House had yet to announce any plans for President Biden to address the nation regarding these incidents. This lack of communication has caused concern among even those who support the president, according to multiple sources.

An individual familiar with the administration’s discussions stated, as of the weekend, US authorities were still working to determine the origin and nature of these objects and whether they pose a significant threat.

The source noted it would be a significant risk for President Biden to publicly address the matter before having a clearer understanding of the situation.

Despite the potential risks, there is increasing pressure on the president to make a public statement.

A Democratic congressperson, who spoke to CNN on the condition of anonymity to provide an honest evaluation, stated President Biden’s silence was “strange,” especially given the growing concern among the public.

The lawmaker pointed out that the American people received more information from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer over the weekend than from the president himself.

Senator Schumer informed ABC News that, based on a briefing from White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, the object shot down in Canada was believed to be another balloon, similar to the high-altitude object taken down in Alaska on Friday.

Uncertainty Feeding Speculation, Conspiracy Theories

A member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee informed CNN on Monday morning that they had not received any updates from the administration regarding the recent events.

They did not anticipate receiving further information until the debris was recovered and analyzed. However, the congressperson stated they believe President Biden should address the public with the information available, even if it is limited.

The congressperson emphasized the following:

“Uncertainty only fuels speculation and conspiracy theories. I hope that information is shared promptly. The truth is more important than reassurance. Trust in government requires transparency and communication from government representatives.”

The last public statement made by President Biden regarding these incidents was on Friday when he was questioned by CNN about the operation to take down a high-altitude object in Alaska.

He simply responded, saying the operation was successful.

A separate source mentioned President Biden’s advisors believe discussing the objects without a comprehensive understanding of them could lead to further unrest.

However, Biden has been closely involved and personally gave the command to shoot down each of the objects in question.