Biden’s Reliance on Funded Campaigns to Target Republicans

Recently, President Biden started using the term “MAGA” referring to Republican voters who side with former President Trump.

It is now found that a liberally funded group asked him to use the term to incite the emotions of many Americans.

Biden Worked Six Months to Come Up With a Single Term

In recent weeks, Biden called his political adversaries “ultra-MAGA,” referring to the campaign slogan of Donald Trump. 

As per the Washington Post, a liberal group named Center for American Progress Fund, which is headed by Biden’s top aide, Anita Dunn, asked him to use the term for political gains.

Many research groups have concluded that some voters perceive this term negatively, compared to other slogans like “Trump Republicans.”

This use of political sloganeering by Democrats prompted many conservative pundits to criticize Biden.

Jerry Dunleavy, a Washington Examiner reporter, sarcastically congratulated the think tank which asked Biden to use the term.

A writer of RealClearInvestigations asserted Democrats believe they can solve every problem by spending money on consultants and pursuing the messaging war. 

Likewise, a writer for Free Beacon, Drew Holden, indicated if Biden is taking six months to come up with a single term, it is no surprise why the Afghanistan war ended up in failure.

The former aide of Trump, Stephen Miller, stated Biden should have spent six months in a productive way, instead of coming up with a single term for political gains.

He said Democrats could have used this time period to help hungry children who are suffering from the shortage of formula.

Psaki Lied Once Again

However, White House press secretary Jen Psaki lied to the media, claiming this term was Biden’s original. She stated the president coined the term himself.

According to Psaki, Biden is giving the MAGA slogan “a little extra pop.”

Furthermore, she told reporters the media would continue hearing the president talk about the “ultra-MAGA” GOP and their agenda. 

Biden used the term for the first time last week when he addressed the crowd on the issue of abortion in the wake of the news of the leaked Supreme Court documents of Roe v. Wade. 

He noted the “MAGA crowd” is “the most” extreme political organization in the history of the country.

Afterward, he shifted to the term “ultra-MAGA” while he was addressing the soaring inflation in the country.

Although the country is facing historic inflation under Biden’s presidency, the president claimed he wanted to help Americans by forcing big companies to pay their “fair share.”

He continued that “ultra-MAGA” wants to increase taxes on Americans. The new tactic of Democrats to grab the media attention was also compared to Biden’s other slogan, “Putin’s Price Hike.”

Biden used this slogan to blame the Russian president for the prevailing inflation in the country.

However, researches suggest voters are not buying Biden’s narrative that Putin is responsible for the prevailing economic woes.