Biden’s Ranks Are Breaking Over Border Chaos

"Illegal aliens apprehended by Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents" (United States government work) by U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Biden’s own people are turning against him.

A Democratic senator criticized the president for having no viable plan for the border crisis. Sen. Mark Milley of Arizona stated terminating Title 42 in the current situation will push the country into chaos.

Democratic Senators Grilled Biden Over Border Crisis

While demonstrating the unpreparedness of the administration, regarding the imminent border crisis, Kelly gave the example of his career flying a space shuttle for 15 years.

Speaking to Fox News, he asserted even space shuttles prepare religiously for the things that are expected to preemptively avert any sort of crisis.

However, this seems not to be the case with the Biden administration, the senator added.

He stated the incumbent administration “does not have a plan” for the crisis that can trigger once Title 42 ends on May 23.

Thus, he emphasized for Biden to come up with a plan before chaos hits the streets of America.

Previous claims of the administration suggest the government is aware of the upcoming crisis, but intentionally ignoring it. For instance, the administration claimed it is looking forward to tackling almost 18,000 migrants a day.

This interview of the senator came after his recent visit to his home state of Arizona. 

He also urged improving technology on the border to tackle illegal fentanyl, firearms, and cash that are usually smuggled from Mexico into the United States.

During his visit, the senator even met with border officials who gave him a true picture of on-ground realities.

The agents told him how cartels in Mexico operate and help propagate lawlessness in the United States.

Border Agents Voice Their Concerns

This discussion also helped border agents realize not all Democrats are against the elimination of the title. 

Mark Dannels, the Sheriff of Cochise County, said he applauds the efforts of the senator at a time when the US-Mexico border was already under massive crisis.

Furthermore, the sheriff claimed most immigrants in the region belong to Guatemala and Mexico, and they are usually returned under Title 42.

However, ending this title without additional resources and a well-devised plan is likely to end up in absolute chaos.

Kelly is one of those senators who worked hard to acquire more resources for border agents, unlike most Democratic lawmakers who are willing to accept immigrants without doing any homework.

Recently, he highlighted border funding in the spending bill, including $100 million for hiring agents and more than $1.2 billion for processing and management of the US southern border.

Though, he still stated this funding would not be enough if wrapping up Title 42 attracts a massive sum of illegal immigrants.

Thus, he noted the country is in no position to tackle almost 18,000 immigrants per day. Even though he raises his voice continuously, the White House is turning a blind eye.