Biden’s Open Border Policies Clearly Aren’t Working

"Border Patrol, Alpine, Texas" by Frank Heinz

In early August this year, two Mexican nationals were charged with the murder of a North Carolina deputy sheriff. However, when ICE was involved, it was found that both of the men crossed the border illegally.

The organization confirmed both Alder Alfonso Marin Sotelo and Arturo Marin Sotelo entered the US solely because of the poor handling of the southern border crisis.

It’s made worse by the fact the weapon they used to commit the murder was also obtained illegally.

“border patrol at the wall” by Karen and Brad Emerson

ICE confirms the two men are illegal immigrants

Ned Byrd, the Wake County Sheriff’s deputy, was killed on August 11th when patrolling a neighborhood after several 911 calls were made from the area.

According to Sheriff Gerald Baker, Byrd got out of the vehicle without his dog, signaling the reason he left the car didn’t pose any threat to him, only to be shot multiple times by the two men, killing him on the spot.

ICE claims the two brothers entered the US at an unknown place on an unknown date, meaning they successfully managed to avoid Border Patrol agents. Agents were already stretched thin, due to the Democrats’ handling of the border.

Additionally, one of the men, Arturo Marin Sotelo, was initially detained back in 2010 near Naco, AZ by Border Patrol. This didn’t stop him from re-entering the country at a later date.

Just keep sending them to Washington DC, New York, and Chicago

The younger brother, Rolando Marin Sotelo, who is facing an illegal weapon possession charge, was originally encountered in the US as an unaccompanied child in 2019.

Despite being issued a voluntary return in Arizona, he was found in Texas two months later, only to be released into the US via humanitarian parole.

What ICE detainers actually mean is any illegal immigrants in custody will be transferred to ICE when they’re eventually released.

However, this is made even more difficult by the fact that Wake County is a “sanctuary” jurisdiction, meaning their cooperation with ICE agents is extremely limited.

Naturally, the backlash for the murder of Deputy Byrd was immense.

This led to the state’s lawmakers, Thom Tillis and Ted Budd, writing several letters to Homeland Security, demanding that DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas release information on the two suspects.

Aside from raising some very real questions about how the two men even managed to get inside the US, it also makes one wonder whether Deputy Byrd’s death could’ve been prevented with proper immigration enforcement.

This year alone, Border Patrol agents have encountered well over two million illegal immigrants; whereas somewhere around 500k of them are thought to have evaded Border Patrol and crossed over into the US illegally.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.