Biden’s “Misguided” Immigration Policies Encouraged Illegal Aliens to Cross the Border

The Biden administration is facing a lawsuit filed by none other than Florida. The suit is alleging how the president and his officials implemented “illegal” catch and release orders and violated federal law. 

Florida’s attorney general and governor filed a suit against Biden administration, alleging “misguided” immigration policies

Ashley Moody, the Florida Attorney General, together with Governor Ron DeSantis, filed a suit against the administration on Tuesday. They alleged the “misguided” policies of the president and his officials encouraged more illegal immigrants to cross the U.S. borders.

According to them, the resulting surge of migrants is posing a threat to the “quasi-sovereign interests” of Florida. 

The defendants named in the lawsuit were the Department of Homeland Security and other relevant agencies, such as the Customs and Border Protection (CBP), U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), top officials from ICE, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The United States is likewise included as a defendant in the suit. 

Accordingly, the suit alleged how the “illegal” immigration policies of the Biden administration are posing harm to the state. Florida claimed a huge number of immigrants who were released by the Biden administration traveled to Florida or will later on flow into the state.

The Florida attorney general alleged this flow of illegal immigrants in the state will pose a threat to Florida’s quasi-sovereign interests, as the state is compelled to spend millions in expenses.

The United States Code requires arriving aliens to be detained, assessed by an immigration judge, prior to being released into the country

It can be noted the U.S. Code 1225 considered people arriving at the ports of entry (or caught illegally crossing the border) as “arriving aliens.” 

Under the U.S. Code, arriving aliens should be placed under detention while awaiting resolution on whether or not they will be allowed into the country.

The U.S. Code 1225 also applies to people seeking asylum, wherein prior to being released into the country, their status has to be looked into by a U.S. immigration judge. 

However, the attorney general warned that most of these individuals claiming asylum are doing so in a fraudulent manner. 

Moody’s office alleged that once the arriving aliens are released into the country, the government has no means of finding them. Thus, they are bypassing the process required under the U.S. Code. 

According to reports, since Biden took office in January this year, there were at least 225,000 illegal immigrants released into the United States. 

Moody explained how Florida spends over $100 million a year detaining criminal illegal aliens and providing a series of government services to others.

Including among the expenses the state shoulders for unlawfully present immigrants are the treatment for substance abuse, emergency medical services, crime victims services, and education.