Biden’s Judicial Candidate Went Out of His Way to Uncover an Assault Victim’s Identity

In typical Democratic fashion, the left usually doesn’t speak of their own party members’ wrongdoings; although they’re more than happy to pull the trigger when it’s someone on the other side of the political spectrum.

A similar thing is happening right now, as Biden’s judicial nominee Michael Delaney is about to get away scot-free, despite uncovering the identity of a 16-year-old sexual assault victim in 2018, effectively ruining her life.

Michael Delaney, who specializes in ruining the lives of 16-year-old girls, is now a judicial candidate

This happened during a case in which he’d represented an elite school that failed to address the incident that happened on school grounds. He refused to respect the one request prosecution had, that being the girl’s privacy is preserved.

With this, Chessy Prout’s name was known all across the US in a matter of days. Considering she’d been only 16 at the time, one can only imagine what an effect it’d had on her psychological and emotional health.

However, the Democrats are now at a crossroads, as supporting Delaney’s nomination would make it seem as if they’re not supporting victims of sexual assault; that’s one bad look for a bunch that labels themselves as “progressive.”

Sadly, the left is a bit too power-hungry to care about preserving face at this point. Despite numerous pleas from Prout’s family to sink Delaney’s nomination for the First Circuit Court of Appeals, nothing’s changed.

Democrats are not too keen on fighting sexual assault

On the day of Delaney’s hearing, seven of the 11 Democrats on the Judiciary Committee just conveniently didn’t show up; those who commended Prout for her bravery at such a young age were nowhere to be seen either.

A girl who was once assaulted as part of a disgusting student ritual, only to later be showered in death threats and hate mail, now has to live her life knowing her identity could’ve been preserved.

Instead, Delaney’s actions and the current sentiment about them have shown Prout that Biden and the rest of the Democrats approve of what the school and their attorney team did to her and her family.

What’s more, Prout actually was present in a conference call with none other than Biden himself, discussing the growing issue of sexual assault on campus, an issue he clearly doesn’t want anything to do with.

Thankfully, at least someone spoke up against Delaney’s nomination, with Republicans claiming his actions were unethical and had nothing to do with his client’s interests.

What’s even more confusing is why Delaney even pushed for Prout’s identity to be revealed, considering most sexual assault victims’ identities are protected at trial.

There was no discernable reason for Delaney to go out of his way to make a young girl’s life that much harder; that alone should invalidate his nomination to the First Circuit Court.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.