Biden’s Energy Secretary Waves LGBT Flag Amid Worst Energy Crisis Ever

"Governor Jennifer Granholm" by Center for American Progress

It would appear the left has yet to get its priorities in order.

Earlier this week, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm personally raised a Pride flag at the Energy Department’s headquarters, despite the fact there are dozens of other issues in the energy sector to focus on.

One of those is ever-growing gas prices, which won’t exactly be toned down by a Walt Whitman poem, which is how Granholm opened her speech.

“Rafael Mariano Grossi & Jennifer Granholm (011110704)” by IAEA Imagebank

Rainbow flag as a solution to all our problems

Instead of presenting some solutions to the issue at hand, Granholm instead shifted the focus on the department’s years of support for the LGBT community, with the aforementioned flag serving as a reminder of their longstanding cooperation.

She then went on to criticize some right-leaning state legislatures, straying far from the energy topic and claiming US citizens’ right to privacy and safety is under attack.

Granholm was referring to the most recent ban on transitional drugs for teens and the education of middle schoolers on the topic of transgenderism.

Granholm believes these young adults are not being allowed to be what they are, but what she fails to see are the lasting and damaging side effects these drugs can cause.

That’s especially given the fact that a majority of those who have undergone transitional therapy have attempted or considered suicide.

Furthermore, the latest rendition of the LGBT Pride flag now features a black and a brown stripe, signaling the community is in support of the BLM movement.

Gas prices pass the $5 mark

Aside from going off-topic about a dozen times, Granholm spared no words when praising President Biden’s redaction of the transgender military ban, exaggerating the importance of this otherwise uneventful change.

By the time she was done going through the list of every liberal buzzword in existence, her speech already neared its end.

Granholm managed to squeeze in a “supportive” statement for her fellow Americans, assuring there’s nothing that can be done to ease the pressure of growing energy costs.

What’s more, lower-to-middle class families will be impacted by the Energy Department’s inertness the most; although this one’s been significantly worsened by a dozen of other geopolitical implications.

But hey, you turn that frown upside down!

Even if gas prices are currently averaging at around $4.87 per gallon, you can rest easy knowing your energy providers aren’t bigots and they’re well-known allies of the LGBT community.

With this in mind, not being able to afford your daily work commute doesn’t even sound that bad; just get that second job you’ve been looking at.

Maybe even get a third, and while you’re at it, maybe a Pride flag or two to pledge your allegiance to.