Biden’s Disgraceful Use of America’s Military Raises Alarm

On Thursday, Joe Biden stood under creepy red lights and gave a speech about how Trump supporters are evil scum.

That’s exactly what he did, waving his arms like an angry dictator and gruffly barking about his supposed love of “democracy” and “rights.”

What made it worse for many observers, however, were the US Marines flanking Biden as he stood in front of Independence Hall in Philly.

Using the Military as Props is Not OK

Bizarrely claiming he was working to unify the country, Biden gestured and threatened like a lunatic while two United States Marines stood at attention behind him.

This speech looked like it was in front of Hell itself. Biden was using the military to intimidate and make himself look tougher.

The problem is that the US military is non-partisan. It is not supposed to get involved or be ordered to be involved in partisan political matters.

If Biden was giving an actual speech to all Americans, that would be one thing. Yet, he was railing off like a South American dictator about how those who support Trump and MAGA are “destroying democracy.”

Does the US military concur with Biden? Is it OK for him to use our brave men and women in uniform as exclamation points for his unhinged speech?

No, it most certainly is not. Even some of the liberal media has been pointing out how inappropriate and offensive it is, including Brianna Keilar of CNN.

Veterans are Not Happy

One of the veterans speaking out against Biden is John Byrnes, a USMC vet who helps run the Concerned Veterans for America organization.

He said Biden trying to force allegiance to his party by the USMC is an abuse of the oath that enlisted men and women take.

It also “erodes trust,” according to Byrnes, and makes people see the military as a partisan organization. According to press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, the USMC was there to show Biden’s “deep respect” for the military.

Was that the “deep respect” Biden showed when he pulled out of Afghanistan with no plan and let 13 brave troops die defending the chaotic Kabul airport?

Was that the “deep respect” Biden showed when he argued with the mother of Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui, who was KIA among the 13, trying to constantly switch the subject to the death of his veteran son Beau by cancer?

The Bottom Line

Biden is politicizing our military and this is very much intentional.

This is what totalitarians and the worst people in history have consistently done, lining up the security state behind them and using the military and authorities as their personal muscle.

Coming in the wake of the politicized Mar-a-Lago raid against his main opponent Donald Trump, this is a particularly disturbing development.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.