Biden’s DHS Secretary Caught Lying to Senate

Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security lied to the Senate during his recent testimony regarding the controversial disinformation board.

Republican senators believe the board had more powers than Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas described in his testimony. 

Biden’s Official Lied to the Senate

Two GOP senators, Chuck Grassley and Josh Hawley, wrote a letter to Mayorkas highlighting some disturbing aspects of the disinformation board, which the secretary did not tell during his Senate hearing.

Both GOP senators stated officials of the office of strategy, policy, and plans Robert Silvers, alongside the acting Principal Deputy General Counsel, responded to Mayorkas’ request to create a board to tackle the so-called misinformation.

Republican lawmakers have been critical of Biden’s disinformation board, which he made in order to scrutinize freedom of speech in the country.

They even dubbed it a “ministry of truth.” When everyone started becoming critical of the highly controversial measure, the Biden administration decided to pause the operations of the board.

The board was so controversial that Mayoraks had to lie in front of the Senate in order to cover up Biden’s mess.

During his testimony in front of the Senate Homeland Committee, Mayorkas noted the board was made in order to protect freedom of speech, civil rights, and privacy in this era of disinformation.

Mayorkas also established his department does not act as a “truth police.”

Democrats Colluded with Twitter to Censor Free Speech

One of the primary reasons for the dismantling of the board was the appointment of Nina Jankowicz as its director, who championed the propagation of disinformation campaigns.

She had a long history of denouncing authentic news as misinformation, as she was one of the loudest voices to downplay Hunter Biden’s laptop saga. Similarly, she preached Trump-Russia collusion, which turned out to be false as the investigations concluded.

So, Republican senators asked Mayorkas the rationale behind the appointment of Jankowicz as the head of the board at a time when she was a controversial figure herself.

Back then, Mayorkas claimed he was unaware of Jankowicz’s opinion regarding Hunter Biden at the time of her hiring.

In their letter, the Republican senators once again asked Mayorkas how the department, which is supposed to kill disinformation, could be run under the leadership of a woman who is the champion of the disinformation herself.

The senators wrote this letter in response to the recent whistleblower comments.

The comments suggested the disinformation board was specifically designed to politically influence the government’s decision regarding misinformation campaigns.

Apart from tackling foreign conspiracies, the board also aimed to address many issues, despite the availability of “objective facts.” 

Shockingly, the board was attempting to expand the liberal narrative in coordination with the social media giant Twitter. Now records are even suggesting Jankowicz was appointed as the director of the board, due to her connections with Twitter.