Biden’s Arrogance Knows No Bounds

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore

During the election coverage that aired live on CNN this Wednesday, the network’s chief political analyst, Gloria Borger, had a thing or two to say about Biden’s comments during his post-election press conference.

To no one’s surprise, Biden stated he’s not willing to change anything about how the administration has operated up until this point, claiming his achievements will only be truly appreciated in due time.

“Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore

CNN labels Biden’s remarks as insulting

This was easily the most insulting thing Biden has ever directed at his followers and America as a whole. That’s seeing as we’re all aware of the direction this country is headed, as well as the fact that we’ve unknowingly walked straight into a major recession.

Borger was baffled with his comments, adhering to the data which states that 75% of the country believes we’re going in the wrong direction, with the same amount of people convinced we’re already in a recession.

Claiming he’s not willing to change a single thing comes off as if Biden is bragging about his “achievements,” which are somehow still too abstract to be observed this early into his term. This is likely one of the more out-of-touch remarks Biden has made in recent time.

In spite of all of this, he’s continuing to claim that it’s the Republicans who are threatening our Social Security and Medicare, with nothing to back up these ludicrous statements.

Hold out for two more years

After gaining the votes of the masses by posing as the one figure that could unite this nation, Biden’s popularity fell off by a margin; it became obvious his only goal was to drive a divide between the communities.

Sadly, it took the left almost two years to figure out how detrimental Joe is to the US and its people. Now, we’re all paying the price for the miscalculation on their part, and it’s more than likely we’ll continue doing it for two years more.

Impeachment was an option that Marjorie Taylor-Greene presented several times so far, but every request was denied; although things could change if the GOP manages to retake House in these midterm elections.

In the end, we’re still stuck with a senile old man on an ego trip as president, as well as an administration that practically uses him as a puppet to push their own agenda, seeing as he’s reading off of cue cards more often than not.

However, 2024 is closer than you think; the polls are spelling disaster for Biden and the rest of the Democrats, as the majority of them show Biden has a clear disadvantage.

At this point, many Americans are very much looking forward to getting Biden out of the White House.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.