Biden’s Agenda to Admit Illegal Immigrants Halted

A federal judge has extended a restraining order that would stop the Biden administration from ending Title 42.

The administration was supposed to roll back the order on May 23, which is likely to be delayed now.

Biden’s Ambitions to Admit Illegal Immigrants Seized

Last month, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced the government would terminate the public health order to stop expelling immigrants at the southern border.

Previously, the Trump administration invoked this order, which allowed border authorities to expel immigrants, amid public safety concerns during COVID.

Both Republican and Democratic lawmakers lambasted the Biden administration for its decision to encourage migrants to come to the US illegally.

They claimed these measures would not only surge illegal immigration, but also make Americans vulnerable to the different threats.

The Department of Homeland Security already acknowledged it is expecting to face at least 18,000 migrants per day after terminating the order; still, the department defended the administration’s decision.

However, 21 Republican states, including Arizona, Louisiana, and Missouri, sued the administration, calling the termination of the order a violation of the Administrative Procedures Act.

Likewise, the plaintiffs suggested Biden’s decision to allow uncontrolled immigrants would negatively impact red states.

While the lawsuit is still underway, red states wanted a temporary restraining order so the administration could be stopped from any disastrous measure preemptively. A judge granted that restraining order last month, which is now being extended once again.

Judge Robert Summerhays was the federal judge who extended the order in the Western District of Louisiana. 

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich told Fox News he was thankful to the court for extending the restraining order.

He said this coalition of attorney generals would continue to fight against the Biden administration’s disastrous approaches by implementing the rule of law in the country.

According to the attorney, Biden has no authority to surrender the American border to dangerous cartels.

Republicans Ready to Go to Any Length to Protect American Borders

Meanwhile, GOP lawmakers are aiming to delay the uplifting of the title legally, as they are trying to extend the order for 60 days via a congressional vote.

If the vote is successful, the DHS would need to submit a plan to Congress regarding its preparations for tackling the inevitable mess.

Although DHS presented a preliminary plan to combat illegal immigration, moderate Democrats, alongside Republican lawmakers, are not satisfied with the measures taken. 

As Democrats have pushed back Trump’s funding for the Mexico wall, they are now seeking to curb illegal immigration using technology.

They have often suggested it is the only humane way to address the border crisis. Border agents have repeatedly claimed the morale of forces is low at the border with circulating news regarding the end of Title 42.

However, experts believe Democrats are being pushed into the dead-end tunnel as they have to lure their progressive voter base for the upcoming midterm elections.