Biden’s Afghanistan Speech: Offensive, Defensive, and Abrasive

Biden is receiving backlash from messaging experts and former government speechwriters over the speech he made on Tuesday in his address to the nation; these people are criticizing Biden for his contradictory and defensive statements. 

Biden said he takes “full responsibility” for the disaster in Afghanistan, but put the blame on Trump

A day after United States forces fully withdrew from Afghanistan, the president delivered a fiery address. He stated that he takes “full responsibility” for the decision to withdraw U.S. troops, while at the same time putting the blame onto former President Trump and Afghan military forces for the mayhem and deaths that transpired. 

Meanwhile, communications experts were lambasting Biden for the speech, noting that it was poorly written and poorly delivered. Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer, who served under the George W. Bush administration also criticized Biden.

He stated that the delivery of the speech was “defensive”, adding that it revealed how “deeply flawed” Biden’s judgment is. Fleischer noted that the first half of the president’s speech was “too hot.” He said Biden almost shouted each word in the speech, to the point that it was too much and too defensive. 

The former White House press secretary acknowledged the fact that Biden was stuck with a huge problem that, in the first place, a speech cannot solve. He then claimed that Biden botched the withdrawal of the U.S. troops and left hundreds of Americans behind. 

Biden gave a promise and then broke it. His speech and the policies he made reflected how his judgment is deeply flawed, Fleischer said.

Biden’s delivery, facial expression, and body language displayed his attempt to defend the unforgivable

The District Media Group president of a political communications firm and a media coach, Beverly Hallberg, echoed the same sentiments. She noted that Biden’s mad facial expressions and the way he raised his voice did not match the message of his speech.

Hallberg noted that Biden’s words were offensive. He praised himself for the largest airlift operations in history. The vocals and body language that Biden displayed showed the true story; this president was attempting to defend the unforgivable.

The president of the political communications firm likewise noted that Biden’s speech was badly written because of its goal to take the blame off Biden and instead fault Americans who were previously told the Taliban forces would never take charge.

The previous chief speechwriter for former Attorney General Bill Barr, Dr. Jonathan Bronitsky, also lambasted the “incoherence” of the president’s speech. Bronitsky added the way Biden delivered his speech made it came across as “defensive” and “abrasive.”

Bronitsky stated that it is rare for Americans to be united in sentiment, but amid the deadly disaster in Afghanistan, the public is genuinely united. Shockingly, the president managed to alienate and offend the nation further. 

He added that Biden’s inability to regulate his voice made his message rather defensive and abrasive. In addition to this, the president’s utter incoherence made the speech sound more like a rant by a progressive freshman in his term paper.