Biden Yet to Apologize Border Agents for False Whipping Claims

Last September, Biden slammed Border Patrol agents by falsely accusing them of whipping Haitian illegal immigrants.

Now, after one year, Biden is yet to apologize to those agents even though investigations have found no agent carried whips while pushing illegal immigrants back.

Biden Still Owes an Apology to Border Agents

On September 24, 2021, Biden lashed out at Border Patrol agents when the visuals of them countering the illegal immigrants went viral in the media. Photos suggested border agents were hitting the illegal immigrants with whips.

Responding to the visuals, Biden noted border agents would pay the price of employing violent tactics against the immigrants. According to Biden, border agents were whipping the immigrants and their horses were about to run over the illegals.

The president further asserted he would start investigations into the incident, adding border agents would have to bear the consequences of their actions.

In addition to that, many other far-left commentators and liberal politicians, including Vice President Kamala Harris and Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, criticized the border agents and warned them about possible legal action against them.

However, the Border Patrol agents issued the clarification that no agent was using a whip to hit the illegal immigrants. Instead, border agents were only controlling their horses with their reins, which looked like whips in the photos.

Furthermore, Border Patrol agents claimed the president was trying to politically influence investigators.

President of the National Border Patrol Council Brandon Judd established all investigators are the employees of the federal government; they will be forced to find the border agents guilty, since their boss has already reached a conclusion.

Border Agents to Escape All Possible Charges Against Them

After due investigations, Chris Magnus, the CBP commissioner, established no border agent was carrying whips and they did not even hit any immigrant with the horses’ reins. 

On the first anniversary of the event on Saturday, Judd claimed Biden’s inability to apologize has impacted Border Patrol agents to a great extent, as they are now hesitant to do their jobs with the fear of possible prosecution. 

Furthermore, Judd was not surprised that Biden was unable to apologize to the border agents. He suggested the president would come under massive scrutiny from the far-left if he even tries to apologize.

As far-left voters do not know the job description of Border Patrol agents, they are not likely to demand an apology from Biden, Judd added.

While the whipping allegations against Border Patrol agents were dismissed, one agent was found to use abusive language against immigrants.

Likewise, the CBP report also insisted some border agents used unnecessary force to push migrants away.

However, Judd claimed border agents are expected to evade any criminal charges once they challenge the report since they were not involved in any misconduct.