Biden Weighs In On Women’s Vote in Midterm Elections

While the midterm elections did not go as well for Republicans as initially anticipated, the GOP still pulled off some major wins. Once all elections have been finalized, Republicans are expected to take back the House of Representatives.

Critical race in Arizona and Georgia, one of which is still underway and the other of which is going to a run-off, will determine whether or not Republicans take back the majority in the Senate.

Nevertheless, many Democrats are downplaying their own losses in the midterms, while overestimating the supposed losses of the GOP.

Joe Biden fell right into this trap earlier this week when he spoke about how women voted in this month’s elections, per Breitbart News.

Biden on Women Voting in the Midterms

In Washington DC, the president spoke at a rally and worked as hard as possible to paint Democrats as wholly victorious in these midterms.

According to Biden, women voters showed up and demolished Republicans at the polls. In making this claim, Biden likewise said the voices of women were heard.

Indeed, women did make their voices heard at the polls. Though this did not work as much in Democrats’ favor as they claim. For instance, in Arkansas, women voters played a role in Republican Sarah Sanders winning her gubernatorial election.

In Florida, women also helped re-elect Republicans Ron DeSantis and Marco Rubio. Other races across the country also saw some GOP candidates make it across the finish line, with women playing a role in getting them there.

Biden did not mention how some of the candidates he rallied for ended up losing. Instead, the president’s focus was wholly centered on victories for Democrats, rather than fully assessing the entire picture.

What Biden Won’t Admit About Women in America

To this day, many women across the United States are suffering as a result of teacher shortages, baby formula shortages, and great difficulties associated with accessing childcare.

Likewise, inflation has put the squeeze on women in America as well, this being an issue that Biden is not too keen on addressing.

When it works to the president’s benefit, he is more than happy to talk about women and women voting. However, when his policies are hurting the country, with women included in this, Biden either pivots to other issues or gaslights to avoid accountability.

Many Americans are tired of the games. Once all of this year’s midterm elections are ironed out, this will reveal all outcomes and whether or not Republicans will be controlling both congressional chambers.

What do you think about Joe Biden’s portrayal of how women in America voted in the midterm elections? In the comments area down below, please feel welcome to weigh in with your thoughts.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.