Biden Walks Back “Armageddon” Remarks

Joe Biden’s foreign policy responses continue to lead to a series of problems for Americans nationwide. As it stands today, Russia is becoming increasingly aggressive against not just Ukraine, but also the United States and other western countries giving aid to Ukraine.

This aggression is now opening up the door to the possibility of Putin using tactical, nuclear, or chemical weapons. Putin himself has hinted at this in his increasingly deranged speeches, prompting a response from Joe Biden.

Biden reacted to the comments to Putin by warning about “Armageddon” if Putin dares to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine. This caused Biden to take a lot of pushback from not just US officials, but also the president of France.

Now, Biden’s trying to walk back his comments about “Armageddon” to come, as reported by Breitbart News.

A Cringeworthy Interview With CNN

When Biden spoke with CNN on Tuesday, he downplayed the likelihood of Putin actually going through with using nuclear weapons against Ukraine.

However, he did state that in the event of the Russian president using a nuclear weapon, there’s no way any sensible person could utilize such weaponry against Ukraine without serious consequences.

In spite of this, Biden claimed he’s not fearful of Armageddon, but he believes it’s reckless of Putin to even speak about using these sorts of weapons.

Later, Biden claimed that he was directly speaking to Putin, saying the president of Russia can’t just recklessly throw around the potential use of chemical, nuclear, or tactical weapons.

He then again reiterated that “Armageddon” could indeed occur, prompting a series of miscalculations and errors that could very well take place.

More From Biden’s CNN Interview

When the president wasn’t discussing the possibility of nuclear weapons use with CNN, he talked about issues ranging from the recession of the economy to legal problems facing his son, Hunter.

Hunter Biden could very well be looking at charges pertaining to tax violations, along with illegal acts while purchasing a firearm. To this end, the president claimed he’s proud of his son.

Later, Biden also conceded that the economy could be looking at a recession soon. Though technically, America is already in a recession, as documented by the previous twice-in-a-row decline of the gross domestic product rate.

Critics of the president’s remarks on Tuesday said he was out of touch, tone-deaf, and dishonest about a litany of issues. Nevertheless, the entire interview led to the country talking and weighing in with their thoughts.

What do you make of Joe Biden’s interview and his statements to CNN on a variety of issues? Are you concerned about his remarks on matters impacting our nation?

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This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.