Biden vs. Manchin: A Single Message Made Them Rivals

Biden’s fragile relationship with Democratic Senator Joe Manchin is once again making headlines.

A single press release from the White House insulted Manchin, which made him oppose Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.

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Biden Preferred an Egoistic Press Release

Both Manchin and Biden finalized the talks on the reconciliation bill in December last year; they successfully settled their terms when relations between the president and the senator started deteriorating.

Reportedly, Manchin agreed to cooperate with Biden; he was convinced to pass the $1.8 trillion package that would have given progressives much of the things they asked for in a social spending spree.

However, one act of the White House widened the distance between Manchin and the rest of the Democrat Party to great lengths.

The White House aides wanted to issue a public statement regarding Manchin and Biden meeting and sent the draft of the statement to Manchin’s office for approval.

As the statement put Manchin as the main focus of the negotiation, the chief of staff of the senator asked the White House not to portray Manchin as the sole reason for the stoppage of the bill.

Thus, the office said either the White House should add the name of another Democratic senator, Krysten Sinema, or the name of Manchin should also be removed.

However, the White House released the statement anyway without correction, leaving Manchin enraged.

President Biden personally approved the release, which prompted Manchin to extend his full opposition to Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.

After the release, Manchin sent a text message to Biden’s aide and mentioned  the decision of the White House was “unconscionable and extremely dangerous.”

According to Manchin, liberals were against him and protesting against his family, so singling him out in a statement was never a wise approach.

Biden Desperately Asked Manchin to Pass Social Spending Bill

Three days after this episode, Manchin announced his opposition to the bill on Fox News, making the bill dead.

After revoking the bill on Fox News, Manchin turned off his phone and probably missed a phone call from Biden.

As the president was unable to connect with the senator, he desperately sent a voicemail to him.

When both of them talked later on, a heated conversation happened, which further increased their differences.

In the upcoming several weeks, both of them did not talk to each other. Biden kept on telling his aides he always doubted Manchin’s intentions.

Now, Democrats are crying over spilled milk, claiming a simple “miscommunication” made the passage of such a landmark bill impossible.

Had it been passed, Democrats could have attracted many progressive voters for the 2022 elections.

While Manchin thinks he was tricked by the White House politically, the White House aides suggest otherwise.

According to a White House ally, Dean Baker, Manchin preferred not to work for the betterment of the country just because he perceived he was insulted by the White House.