Biden Triggers Outrage With New Comments on Abortion

As November 8 gets closer, it’s finally starting to dawn on Joe Biden that things aren’t looking good for his party.

Republicans are dominating in districts that were previously viewed as unattainable for them. In various Senate races, Democrats in the lead are now quickly seeing the gap narrow.

Crime, inflation, and other issues that directly impact the United States are hurting Democratic candidates. It’s as plain as day that electing Democrats into office next month means reinforcing the already-failed Biden agenda.

In an effort to spare his party from defeat, Joe Biden once again leaned into the issue of abortion, as documented by Breitbart News.

Reviewing Biden’s Latest Rhetoric on Abortion

This week, the president announced that if Democrats manage to keep their majority in Congress, he’ll ensure Roe v. Wade is codified into law.

This upset the pro-life community and many other Americans with concerns about Biden’s stance on abortion. On numerous occasions, spokespersons for the president haven’t been able to clearly define any limits that Biden supports when it comes to abortion.

Biden’s remarks about codifying Roe v. Wade have been slammed by critics as a last-ditch effort to drum up faltering support for Democratic candidates. Across the country, left-wing contenders are being slammed for their horrible track records and policy stances.

Polling continues to show that issues like the economy and crime are more concerning to the general public than access to abortion.

Not Good Enough

In the hopes of keeping his party in power, Joe Biden’s continuously focused on the issue of abortion, rather than getting to the heart of problems impacting Americans.

The president has no plan to lower inflation, bring down interest rates, or revive America’s energy independence. Achieving these goals would require a reduction in spending and a pullback from far-left climate change policies.

Polling shows Americans are struggling under the leadership of Joe Biden and a Democratic Congress. The country isn’t on track, people are getting furloughed, and the left’s only response is to further increase spending, thereby doubling down on failed reforms.

A Republican majority in Congress, on the other hand, can blunt any future damage the president may do. GOP lawmakers will also be able to undo some of the real harms of the president thus far.

The threat of power loss is why Biden once again leaned into the issue of abortion this week.

In a little over two weeks, Americans are going to go to the polls and make the final decision about which party controls Congress for the next two years.

Do you believe Joe Biden’s latest comments about abortion are him pandering? You’re more than welcome to use the comments area below as a sounding board.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.