Biden Took Aim at Republicans Amidst the Mayhem in Afghanistan

Amidst the chaos in Afghanistan caused by the botched Biden plan, the president opted to take aim at Republicans.

He did this on Wednesday as he spoke against the ban on mask mandates in some Republican states, stating that his administration will be imposing “legal action” against them.

Biden is giving the Secretary of Education instructions to impose “legal action” against states banning mask mandates

During his address at the White House, Biden noted that he is giving directions to the Secretary of Education to take further steps in making sure that the children of America are protected.

He also added that the direction he made likewise involves using all of the legal means and oversight powers that he has. Moreover, if needed, Biden will be using these powers to impose legal actions on the governors who are attempting to ban masks mandates in classrooms.

The president then mentioned that he has seen this type of scenario in the past, warning government officials to stay out of the way as they are attempting to fight against the virus.

Biden maintained that his administration is not just going to sit back as the Republican governors try to block and intimidate teachers from providing protection to their children.

However, after his address, Biden opted not to mention nor take any questions in relation to Afghanistan; this comes despite the fact that U.S. troops are scrambling to save the remaining Americans stuck in the war-torn country.

Top officials in the U.S. likewise were not hopeful that all Americans outside of Kabul will be evacuated to safety as Taliban checkpoints are scattered throughout Afghanistan.

DeSantis: Biden is obsessed with forcing little kindergartners to put their masks on all day at school

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis pushed back, stating that with all the mayhem and damage in Afghanistan, the record high surge of migrants at the southern border, and the rise of inflation in the country, Biden chose to instead attack Republican politicians.

The Republican governor likewise emphasized how Biden is obsessed with forcing kindergartners to put their masks on all throughout the day in school.

On the other hand, Biden said that he gave orders to the Secretary of Education to utilize all tools possible to ensure that governors and other government officials are providing safe in-person teaching for children.

Accordingly, the Secretary of Education noted that he is in line with the president requiring masks for children in school. The department is likewise taking into consideration whether they will be imposing reprimands and other consequences to schools who opposes the mandate.

Opponents of masks mandates are voicing their concerns that wearing masks in schools, particularly with younger children could stunt their development.

They noted that with masks on, kids cannot see faces, movements of the mouth as people speak, facial expressions and so on. Some also noted that the virus is not as transmissible among young children.