Biden to Visit Florida, Puerto Rico Following Hurricane Ian

Since Hurricane Ian hit Florida, the response from the Biden administration has been very poor.

First, leading up to the hurricane, Joe Biden claimed getting vaccinated against COVID was an essential tool for preparing.

The president even argued not being vaccinated could lead to complications, prompting pushback from the team of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

After Ian passed, Vice President Kamala Harris took heat for alleging that post-hurricane assistance would be based on equity and communities with the most minorities.

Once again, members of the Florida governor’s team were forced to come out and correct this, reiterating that anyone in need of post-hurricane help will get it, no matter what color they are.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, the White House confirmed that Biden has plans to visit both Florida and Puerto Rico amid the aftermath of the hurricane, per The Hill.

What to Know About Biden’s Upcoming Visits

Biden’s visit to Florida will occur this upcoming Wednesday; whereas on Monday, he’ll be visiting Puerto Rico. On both visits, the president will be accompanied by his wife, first lady Jill Biden.

The particular sites that Biden will see during his time in both US communities haven’t been revealed. However, the president and first lady are expected to observe areas in both Florida and Puerto Rico that were hit hard by the damage.

These visits appear set to give first responders and others enough time to begin recovery without interference.

However, by Monday and Wednesday, enough time will likely have passed for the president and first lady to see these communities without hurting efforts to rebuild.

Continued Recovery Efforts

As things stand, there’s no firm deadline for which Florida and Puerto Rico will be fully recovered from the hurricane’s aftermath.

Thus far, it remains to be seen whether or not the president’s visits to both communities involve him sitting down with leaders to discuss work currently being done.

Ahead of Hurricane Ian, Biden was scheduled to visit Florida’s Orlando area in order to stump for Democratic gubernatorial contender Charlie Crist. Despite Crist’s work to oust DeSantis, polling has the incumbent GOP governor in the lead.

Meanwhile, in Puerto Rico, Biden’s gone on record, alleging he won’t forget about the individuals who are suffering. At the height of Hurricane Ian, reports alleged the entire community of Puerto Rico had its power knocked out.

Ian hit Puerto Rico before it hit Florida, hence the order of Biden’s upcoming visits to both communities.

What do you think about the Biden administration’s reaction to Hurricane Ian’s impacts on various communities? What do you believe will come from the president’s visits to Puerto Rico and Florida?

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This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.