Biden Threatens Americans: Get Vaccinated or Lose Your Job

The Biden administration is starting to give Americans some threats; they’re stating if Americans do not want to receive the COVID vaccine, they should be ready to lose their jobs.

This triggered Republicans to voice their concerns on how the mandate could possibly lead to a chronic shortage of labor in the country and a violation of civil liberties.

Christie: The president is forcing and threatening people

Former Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie criticized the president and his administration for requiring people to get vaccinated. Although the former governor is pro-vaccine, he believes people should not be forced into getting the shot.

Instead of forcing and threatening people to get the COVID vaccine, they should be persuaded to get it via educational means. Christie noted if the Biden administration could educate people about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, Americans would more likely rush to get vaccinated.

However, Biden and his officials already politicized the vaccination process. The former governor then called out Vice President Kamala Harris, emphasizing how she politicized COVID vaccines during the campaign period.

It should be noted before taking office, Harris proclaimed her resistance to have the vaccine under the order of former President Trump. 

Christie also highlighted how mandating the COVID vaccine could escalate the labor shortage which the country is currently experiencing. He noted at present, the U.S. is facing a labor shortage in different departments, ranging from the teaching sector to healthcare. 

The former governor also commented on how the administration increased another cause of labor shortages: the huge unemployment benefits given by the Biden administration. According to Christie, this also discourages individuals from going to work. Thus, the COVID vaccine mandate will only make the situation worse.

The U.S. economy could fall harder once the president imposes the COVID vaccine mandate

According to the new rules pushed by the Biden administration, it is mandatory for companies and other employers with over 100 workers to have them get vaccinated or tested weekly for COVID-19. 

Based on these rules, there are around four million employees on the verge of losing their jobs if they failed to get vaccinated. The vaccine mandate is also expected to hit the healthcare sector in different states if unvaccinated workers get fired.

The labor shortage is already affecting the U.S. economy. Despite 8.4 million job openings in the country, employers are having a hard time hiring workers. With the vaccine mandate, Christie indicates it will make the economy fall harder.

He likewise questioned the legality of forcing and imposing COVID vaccines on individuals. Christie noted the COVID vaccine mandate is standing on shaky ground. 

Other than Christie, there are additional Republicans who scolded Biden for forcing people to get the COVID vaccine. GOP lawmakers and other leaders are now accusing the president of violating the civil liberties of individuals, particularly their right to medical freedom.