Biden Thinks Republicans Are Doing Comedy to Investigate First Family

(2016 social media photo shared by Popular Mechanics)

Joe Biden has dismissed all the concerns about the possible investigations against him and his son, Hunter Biden, as he labeled the Republicans’ effort as comedy.

Republicans are on the verge of winning the House majority as the results of the midterm elections continue. The GOP has repeatedly insisted they will investigate Hunter Biden after winning the House.

Likewise, Republicans are also likely to impeach Biden on his open border policies, which have created chaos across America.

Biden Still Not Taking Republicans Seriously

A journalist asked Biden his opinion about Republicans who want to impeach him and investigate his son, Hunter Biden, after winning the House majority in the elections.

Responding to this, Biden sarcastically wished good luck to conservative lawmakers who want to initiate investigations against the first family.

In addition to that, Biden stated he could not do anything about Republicans’ future plans after winning the House, since he is committed to serving the best interests of the American people.

Biden also noted that Republicans’ plans to investigate him and his son Hunter are nothing more than comedy. According to Biden, Americans are not concerned about congressional investigations against the first family, as they want the government to get real things done.

Later in his press conference, Biden claimed he does not know much about possible House leader Kevin McCarthy, as he did not speak much with him.

Similarly, Biden said Republicans only want to impeach him because former President Donald Trump is consistently pressuring the GOP to do it.

Biden was delivering the press conference shortly after the polls closed on Tuesday. He argued Democrats have managed to perform better than expected in midterm elections, adding that the red wave did not happen in the midterm elections.

Hunter Biden in Danger

Hunter Biden has been facing tax fraud investigations since 2018, even though he is not charged with any crime yet.

Republicans have accused Biden of politicizing the Department of Justice (DOJ), claiming the partisan bureaucracy is the prominent reason for the lack of transparent investigations against the first son. So now, Republicans have decided to investigate Hunter themselves.

Even Senate Republicans have vowed to investigate Hunter, but they are still unlikely to proceed, as the GOP is still unexpected to take a majority in the upper chamber.

One day after the midterm elections, Republican Congressman James Comer said he would resend a letter to the Treasury Department to ask them about any suspicious banking information tied to Hunter Biden.

Comer already won reelection and is a possible contender to become the chair of the House Oversight Committee.

Although the Treasury Department ignored the previous request of Republicans to hand over Hunter’s banking data, Comer believes the department is more likely to respond if Republicans take over the House.