Biden Suffered Major Setbacks As He Drowns in Crises

Just within eight months in office, Biden has already been drowning in crisis, resulting in major plunges in his approval ratings. 

The problems the president is facing in recent months have been mounting. This is starting from the COVID-19 pandemic, challenges in foreign policy, illegal immigration, to the dwindling U.S. economy, and the botched Afghanistan withdrawal. 

Botched mission in Afghanistan

The biggest and most pronounced crisis Biden is facing at the moment was caused by his failed withdrawal of U.S. military troops and the death of 13 service members in the suicide bombing in Kabul.

The world watched as the Taliban forces swiftly took over the country and millions of dollars worth of U.S. equipment and military weapons were taken by the insurgents.

However, despite the apparent dereliction of duty on his end, Biden was quick to put the blame on others for the botched mission. 

While the president and his administration claimed they were able to rescue U.S. citizens out of the war-torn country, members of Congress were slammed by Americans desperately asking for help to be rescued from Afghanistan.

U.S. citizens left behind in the country together with multiple Afghan allies were turning to members of the Congress, as the State Department was of little to no help. 

Then, in an added embarrassment, the Pentagon acknowledged and announced the U.S. drone strike made in Afghanistan killed innocent Afghans. Included among them were seven children ages three to eleven years old. 

An overwhelming surge of migrants

The compounding crisis at the southern border was likewise emphasized in recent months. Thousands were storming the border after the Biden administration seemingly invited people to come in when they announced the revocation of Trump’s immigration policies. 

Hundreds and thousands of illegal immigrants jam-packed into border facilities, amidst the ongoing global pandemic. Others were living in a makeshift camp under the bridge in Del Rio.

As a result of overcrowded facilities, sexual assaults against unaccompanied migrant children have been recorded, triggering an outcry from both political parties. 

On Wednesday, documents were released illustrating the eerie reality that some migrant children face. There were 33 incidents of sexual abuse against minors.

In addition to this, Biden (who claimed to have visited the border) hasn’t made the trek down to personally assess the situation. Vice President Kamala Harris, with whom he tasked to address the crisis, also gained extreme scrutiny for avoiding making a trip to the south.

COVID-19 pandemic response

Biden’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been clouded with contradictions and rife. One of the most prominent instances (when the president flip-flopped with his decisions), was when he announced the vaccine mandate for companies in the country that have more than 100 employees. 

It can be noted that back in December, before sitting in office, Biden pledged there would be no nationwide vaccine mandate. Two months prior to this statement, he and his campaign were likewise claiming that vaccine mandates were not included in the “role” of the federal government.