Biden Stops in Florida For Last Ditch Campaigning

In the past four years, Florida turned into a red state after being reliably purple for quite some time. Democrats enjoyed a massive voter registration advantage over Republicans, but this changed with Gov. Ron DeSantis in office.

Since 2020, many Americans moved to Florida from other states in order to escape draconian restrictions and lockdowns. When DeSantis was pressured to shut down the economy in Florida, he said no and now the state is better off for it.

Republicans’ current voter registration advantage over Democrats stands at about 300,000. This year’s senatorial and gubernatorial elections have Republicans DeSantis and Rubio ahead of their Democratic rivals by double digits.

Though in a last ditch effort to help Florida Democrats, Joe Biden recently made his way to the state for a campaign stop, as documented by The Hill.

What to Know About Biden’s Visit to Florida

As Florida gubernatorial Democrat Charlie Crest and senatorial Democrat Val Demings run to unseat Republicans, it’s clear to most Americans they’re doing to lose these races.

Yet, when Biden stopped in Florida, he relied on attacking Republicans in the hopes of making Crist and Demings look good. The president called GOP members “extremists” and went after the Republican Party’s policies on healthcare, the economy, and more.

Biden also sounded off about various GOP “election deniers” on the ballots nationwide. In doing this, the president conveniently forgot to mention members of his own political party who were “election deniers” before 2020.

Later, Biden expressed how happy he would be to have Demings backing his agenda in the Senate and Crist sitting in the governor’s mansion.

Not Going to Work

Joe Biden’s Florida approval ratings are underwater, as are Crist and Demings in the polls. If the president believes his visit is going to help these candidates win, he’s in for a shock.

Even if every single Democrat in Florida backed Crist and Demings, they’d still be outnumbered by 300,000 Republicans voting for DeSantis and Rubio.

In response to Biden’s stop in Florida, Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nunez said Biden’s visit was only a reminder to voters of his massive failures and extreme policies.

What the president also seems to be missing is that many folks moved to Florida to escape the type of left-wing leadership he wants to enact. Demings and Crist would ultimately be rubber stamps for the Biden administration at every single turn.

Polls out of Florida continue to show this isn’t what the people of this state want from leaders.

What do you think about Joe Biden’s visit to Florida? Do you believe this visit will seriously help Democrats who are struggling in the polls? You’re more than welcome to let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.