Biden Spoke With Chinese President for Hours

"Vice President Biden Raises a Toast in Honor of Chinese President Xi at a State Luncheon at the State Department" (United States government work) by U.S. Department of State

President Biden spoke with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on a secure video call for almost two hours on Friday morning.

Reportedly, Russian aggression against Ukraine and power competition between China and the United States were the primary topics of concern for both presidents.

Biden and Xi Spoke for Two Hours Straight

As per the sources of the White House, the mission of the call was to keep communication lines open between China and the United States.

The call, which started at 9:03 EST, concluded at 10:53 EST on Friday morning. According to the Chinese Foreign Affairs ministry, China tried to highlight “severe challenges” being faced by the world.

Despite the fact China has backed Russia in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict so far, the Chinese president told Biden he is against any military confrontation between the two states.

China does not want to see Ukraine’s conflict going further.

Likewise, the Chinese foreign ministry noted both the United States and China are the top two economies of the world.

Therefore, they have to mend their own relations, as well as help Russia and Ukraine reach a peace settlement.

Recently, US intelligence sources accused Russia of asking China for military and economic aid. However, the Chinese denied these intelligence reports, clarifying the country is neither helping Russia militarily nor financially.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the United States accused China multiple times of backing Russia and following its footsteps to craft its own foreign policy in Taiwan.

Thus, the US officials claimed this week that China has been unassertive in speaking against Russia.

China-Russia Relations Finally Started Nosediving

Even though China said it is not in favor of the Russian invasion during its call to Biden, the country is yet to condemn the invasion officially.

The Chinese ambassador to Ukraine recently stated China would develop relations with Ukraine on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.

Though still, Russia seems unhappy with China. China has not provided it with any support as of now.

Reportedly, Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov was on his trip to China when his plane was diverted back to Russia in midair.

It is still unclear if Russian President Vladimir Putin called him back, due to no support from the Chinese during the military conflict.

Meanwhile, US-Russia relations hit a new low. Russia stated America personally insulted Putin by calling him a “war criminal.” 

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov noted, due to the fatigue and forgetfulness of Joe Biden, he ended up making such statements.

Furthermore, the spokesperson mentioned Russia will still not make harsh assessments so any further tensions can be avoided.

The White House already warned Beijing it would face severe consequences if it does anything to help Russia.

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