Biden Sold Us For Saudi Liquid Gold

Since assuming office, Biden has taken a variety of measures to reduce American fossil fuel output, but as oil prices have risen, he’s continued to resort to foreign autocrats.

The Details

Over the course of its first 20 months in office, the Biden government has actively promoted its climate agenda.

This calls for a switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy. For instance, it targeted oil and gas pipelines and restricted leasing on federal lands and seas.

It also advanced strict requirements for the private sector to disclose climate change and enacted onerous environmental laws.

According to AAA statistics, the national average cost of gasoline rose to $3.87 per gallon on Thursday, continuing a multi-week string of price hikes. The price of oil increased both domestically and globally.

Additionally, the National Energy Aid Linked List predicted in September that the average cost of residential heaters in the United States will increase by 17.2% this winter.

That is in comparison to last year across all fuels, such as gas, fuel oil, and gasoline. This will force millions of lower-income family members to select between heat, food, pharmaceutics, and rent.

Over the past few months, natural gas prices have risen to amounts much beyond historical patterns. While attempting to limit local oil and gas output, the government also resorted to foreign dictatorships, such as Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.

Biden voiced dissatisfaction after the Organization of Petroleum Exporting States (OPEC), which is led by Saudi Arabia, agreed on a significant two-million-barrel-per-day production cut on Wednesday.

The White House released a statement following the news that said Biden isn’t happy with OPEC’s decision or the impacts it will have on the war that is taking place in Ukraine.

Disaster in Chief

Over the last year, the White House has asked OPEC to raise output several times.

Additionally, Biden said to journalists on Thursday that he was thinking about “alternatives” to OPEC. He did not completely exclude out removing sanctions on Venezuela’s once-burgeoning oil sector as part of that strategy.

He made no reference to local manufacturing as a substitute. According to a Wednesday Wall Street Journal article, the administration is getting closer to signing an oil drilling agreement with the communist government of South America.

Overall, POTUS has done a lot throughout his term to fulfill his 2019 campaign promise to “end carbon fuels” in the United States.

The VP of marketing for the Consumer Energy Association, Emily Haggstrom, told reporters during a teleconference on Thursday that “the administration continues to seek overseas when the answer was always here at home.”

In terms of economics, public safety, and ecology, this should be obvious. We implore the Biden government to take advantage of the opportunity.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.