Biden Scores Multiple ‘Senior Moments’ in Single Abortion Speech

(CNBC video snapshot)

President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden registered multiple of his trademark “senior moments.”

He stumbled, coughed, and seemed confused while giving a pro-abortion speech in Washington, DC, an address packed with promises to lefties that he may be unable to keep.

He Also Threw in a Kamala-Worthy Word Salad

The president’s fresh batch of speech blunders occurred while speaking at a rally organized by the Democratic National Committee earlier this week.

The rally at Howard Theater in Washington, DC was entitled “Restore Roe.” It saw Sleepy Joe promise to pass a law for nationwide abortion access if Democrats manage to keep their congressional majorities.

On at least several occasions, Biden was seemingly losing his thoughts, uttering unintelligible syllables, struggling to find the actual words he was seeking to pronounce.

At one point, Abortion Joe boasted he had been “pushing hard” in favor of “married couples,” more specifically ones in the “privacy of their bedrooms.”

Biden then corrected himself by blurting out he was thinking of “the Dobbs decision” by the US Supreme Court. In another gaffe, Sleepy Joe mispronounced the name “Obergefell” from the 2015 Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage.

After he apologized at one point, Biden remarked he was doing so because of “my back,” i.e. since he was talking with his back turned on some people. The Democratic president even quipped his “mother would be very angry,” were she to witness him do that.

(CNBC video snapshot)

Biden Makes Promise He’ll Likely Fail to Keep

In his stuttering speech, Biden sought to rally Democratic and Independent voters around the abortion cause for the midterm elections on November 8 – even if his multiple senior moments during the “Restore Roe” rally hardly seemed the way to do that.

He once again blasted the Supreme Court for its June 2022 ruling in Dobbs vs Jackson Women’s Health Organization. This overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision and once again turned abortion into a state-level issue.

Abortion Joe tried to reignite his audience by recalling how angry the lefties were four months back; he attacked “extremist Republicans,” whose potential victory in the midterms could bring “dire consequences” for “reproductive health.”

Biden also reiterated warnings made by him and other senior Democrats that the GOP could adopt a federal-level abortion ban after the 15th week of pregnancy.

The abortionist president promised the first bill he would send to Congress after a Democratic victory in the midterms would be for codifying abortion access.

Regardless of the stuttering, Biden also made it clear he was looking forward to signing such a bill into law on the 50th anniversary of the now-dead Roe v. Wade decision.

This will be on January 22, 2023, a day after the new Congress is supposed to convene for the first time.

This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.