Biden Said Cuomo Should Resign After Damning Sexual Harassment Report

On Tuesday, Biden called for Democrat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign from his post; this happened after an investigation concluded that the governor indeed sexually harassed 11 women, nine of whom were his former and current employees. 

Biden maintains his stand against Cuomo, asking him to resign from office

Tuesday, Biden was asked whether he maintains his stance from last March when he stated the New York governor should resign from his post if the sexual harassment allegations against him turned out to be true. In response to this question, Biden mentioned that he will stand by what he previously said. 

When Biden was again asked if Cuomo should resign, the president responded “Yes.” However, he refused to make any further comments on whether the Democrat New York governor should face impeachment in case he didn’t resign, 

Biden then stated that they should take one thing at a time. He said that he thinks Cuomo should resign. Biden also mentioned that he understands the state legislature might later on decide to impeach Cuomo. However, he is not sure of that fact. 

Meanwhile, an independent investigation supervised by Attorney General of New York Letitia James found that Cuomo perpetrated unwanted kissing, hugging, and groping.

The report also declared that the New York governor made inappropriate statements against his staffers and fostered a workplace that is replete with fear and intimidation. 

The report made by the Attorney General then found that the specific allegations given by 11 women were credible and supported by evidence. 

Biden joined the swelling number of politicians from both parties who are urging Cuomo to resign, after releasing of the report by Letitia James, New York State Attorney General. 

James noted however that the findings were civil in nature. However, the case is open to the likelihood that other government authorities might seek criminal charges against Cuomo. 

With regard to Cuomo’s conduct, Biden added that for sure there were some hugs that were completely innocent. However, the attorney general decided some embraces were not. 

Cuomo again denied the allegations, claiming he is innocent

Throughout the investigation, Cuomo maintained that he is innocent. Then after the report by the Attorney General was announced, he again denied any wrongdoing in a video statement published after the release of the report. 

In the video statement, Cuomo claimed that he never inappropriately touched anyone, nor did he made any improper sexual approaches.

It can be noted that last March, when Biden was asked about the sexual allegations against Cuomo, Biden stated that he is calling for a full investigation against him.

He then noted that the New York governor should resign from his post if claims against him were established by evidence. During that time, Biden mentioned that the claims against Cuomo could result in a criminal case.