Biden Reveals New Details on Suspected Surveillance of America

For the past few weeks, Americans have learned of the Chinese balloon seen flying over the United States’ airfield and determined to be spy equipment. This balloon was since fired out of the sky, much to the annoyance of the Chinese government.

However, since this spy balloon emerged, there have been other similar devices seen hovering over our nation’s airspace. Along with these sightings come speculations about China being behind these devices as well.

Recently, Joe Biden came out and revealed some new information concerning what he believes the latest contraptions are all about, according to the Washington Post.

Straight From the President’s Mouth

According to Biden, new devices shot out of the air since the original Chinese spy balloon are not believed to be from China.

The president maintains that intelligence officials determined the latest balloons are more innocuous devices. They are allegedly linked to research organizations and private companies with no affiliation to the People’s Republic of China.

Nevertheless, Biden still confirmed yesterday that various probes into these devices remain ongoing, despite them not being believed to pose any real threat.

It’s also worth noting that even though the US government doesn’t believe the aforementioned balloons are tied to the Chinese government, this still didn’t stop them from being downed.

Questions Continue

Despite the president’s latest updates about objects flying in US airspace, many Americans still understandably have questions. Biden’s been continuously pressed on why he seemingly took his time before removing the initial device that was, in fact, a Chinese spy balloon.

On top of that, the president is taking heat for other devices that his government is now having to investigate. Regardless of his claims on Thursday that the latest balloons are benign, many Americans believe more problems that Biden isn’t prepared for could be heading to America.

At the end of the day, unfamiliar devices hovering within our country’s airfield pose national security concerns. There are also questions about what could happen if said devices are stolen or otherwise compromised.

As things stand today, the US government has yet to reveal all the findings from the original balloon that it removed. So far, the White House claims because of weather issues, it’s taking government officials time to collect and review the remaining debris from China’s spying device.

This latest saga with balloons and other unknown instruments in US airspace follows a pattern of this president facing one scandal after the next. Whether or not the government is able to keep things from truly spiraling out of control will be revealed in time.

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This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.