Biden Returns to “Unity” Message in 9/11 Speech

Joe Biden has spent the better part of the last few weeks going after “MAGA Republicans,” “MAGA proposals,” and Americans who don’t support his presidency or administration.

Biden’s deemed these folks to be at odds with democracy, not worthy of respect, and semi-fascist elements that need to be stopped. Amid backlash over this tone, the president’s attempted to walk things back a bit; though it’s too little too late.

Now, Biden appears as though he seeks to fully retcon these comments. On Sunday, Biden delivered a 9/11 speech, once again opting to talk about the need for “unity.”

According to the president, this is something every single American owes to the victims of 9/11, per Townhall.

The Problem With Biden’s Speech

The president proclaimed that Americans must reach out to one another and accomplish “national unity.” Biden then argued this is what he believes to be the most important lesson of 9/11.

Though the irony of Biden making these remarks after trashing his political opposition can’t be overstated. The president wasn’t reaching out to Trump supporters when he called them semi-fascist and openly declared to have zero respect for them.

Biden’s speech likewise entailed remarks about the imperative nature of defending democracy. This is, yet again, something that Biden previously claimed half the nation is posing a threat to.

Unfortunately, this president has shown he’s more than willing to give fancy speeches about unity and democracy. Though when push comes to shove, Biden’s got no bones about completely abandoning these ideals if he views it as expedient for his party.

Politicizing Democracy

Lately, Biden’s been accused of politicizing democracy. This is owing to his statements that previously claimed those who disagree with him and his agenda are endangering democracy.

Biden and other Democrats have likewise suggested that to defend democracy is to support left-wing candidates in the upcoming midterms.

It’s very convenient for Biden and Democrats to use the democracy card when it’s timely, but then not actually live up to it.

Leftists argue that anyone who questions the results of the 2020 presidential election is threatening democracy; yet, many Democrats questioned election outcomes of the past that they didn’t like.

The left had no issues with this and never deemed it harmful to American democracy. Therefore, many of the talking points from Democrats now ring hollow to folks across the United States.

Nevertheless, the irony of Biden’s speech on 9/11 appears to be completely lost on both him and his supporters.

What are your thoughts about the unity and democracy talking points that Biden shared in his speech about 9/11? In the comments area below, you’re more than welcome to weigh in with your thoughts on the president’s rhetoric and how it impacts the country.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.