Biden: Republicans Will Destroy US Economy After Midterms

Joe Biden claimed Republicans would destroy the economy of the United States if they manage to win midterm elections next month. According to Biden, if Republicans win midterm elections, they will shut down government funding.

Likewise, the president noted GOP House lawmakers would not pass any monetary bill, which would eventually make America default for the first time in the history of the country.

Biden Making Senseless Claims Against Republicans

If Democrats do not win, Republicans will get a political advantage which they will use to force the federal government to cut off social security measures, Biden claimed. However, Biden continued, he would not reduce social spending in any case.

After Biden’s remarks, the Republican National Committee (RNC) slammed the president. As per the spokesperson of RNC, Emma Vaughn, the only Democrats currently supporting Biden are paid employees of the Democratic National Committee.

Other than that, Democratic politicians who are seeking reelection are completely distancing themselves from Biden while hiding all their voting records, Vaughn added.

Vaughn also asserted that voters already know Democrats’ socialist policies brought unprecedented inflation in the country, not to mention crimes are also rising.

Biden also introduced a new term, “Mega-MAGA”, before the midterm elections, claiming Republicans’ economic policies are only favorable to upper-class Americans.

In addition to that, Biden specifically named current House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, noting he would pass a dangerous agenda from the House that would increase the budget deficit by $3 trillion.

Economy is the Biggest Issue for Voters Right Now

Biden’s comments came at a time when the country was already facing an unprecedented economic crisis.

Various polls have suggested voters are not satisfied with the current economic situation of the country, which could be a worrisome factor for Democrats in next month’s elections.

Since the start of Biden’s presidency, Republicans remained critical of him for his poor economic policies. Firstly, GOP lawmakers opposed Biden’s spending agenda, which is one of the biggest reasons for inflation.

Secondly, Republicans slammed the president for pouring in a staggering amount of money to fund the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which increased the funding of the tax watchdog by $80 billion.

Just a couple of weeks before the midterm elections, Democrats are currently failing to tackle the prevailing economic disaster at a time when voters suggest the economy is the most important issue for them.

Similarly, Americans believe inflation is the most crucial issue, which would help them in making their voting decisions, as per the New York Times.

The same poll also established voters trust Republicans to counter the deteriorating condition of the economy. Biden’s own approval rating also plummeted, as it currently stands at 39%.

Fox News polls suggest only 33% of voters want to reelect Biden in 2024.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.