Biden Reacts to Tension With DeSantis, Hurricane Ian in Florida

Right now, the state of Florida remains in recovery mode as it pertains to the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Some areas of the state, such as Fort Myers and Naples, suffered some very real damages.

There are a lot of questions about how long the recovery process will take.

Some people had their homes destroyed and ended up losing everything. Viral videos appeared online of folks swimming in their flooded houses, downed power lines, and other destruction from Hurricane Ian.

As the hurricane previously approached, Joe Biden came under fire for claiming COVID-19 vaccines were a great way to prepare for the natural disaster.

Now, the president has new comments about both Hurricane Ian and his political feud with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, as documented by The Hill.

The Latest From Biden on DeSantis and Hurricane Ian

While speaking at the headquarters of theĀ Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the president claimed his back-and-forth with DeSantis about political issues is a non-factor.

Biden then made a point of saying he was complimented by the Florida governor for his prompt response to the hurricane. This came before the president stated political disagreements with DeSantis aren’t relevant, whereas saving the lives and properties of individuals is.

Later on, Biden is set to visit the Sunshine State in the wake of the hurricane. Though the president wants to do this at a time that won’t sabotage efforts being done to recover and rebuild.

Before the hurricane, Biden was going to visit Orlando, Florida in order to campaign for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist. However, the president was forced to cancel this event amid news of the hurricane heading to Florida.

According to Biden, he’s spoken with DeSantis at least four to five times ahead of and after Ian struck.

A Long Road Ahead

While some areas of Florida weren’t hit as hard as anticipated, others really bore the brunt of this storm.

One factor working in Florida’s favor, however, is Joe Biden approving a declaration of major disaster. This ultimately allows the state to have access to pick up debris and more damages in Ian’s aftermath without massive costs attached.

Some airports in Florida that closed down earlier this week have reopened. However, food service, shopping, etc., in these airports may be limited. Ultimately, travelers are being widely encouraged to look at their specific flights and airlines before heading to the airports.

Time will tell how much is necessary for the Sunshine State to fully bounce back from Hurricane Ian.

What do you think about Joe Biden’s response to Florida being hit by Hurricane Ian? In the comments area down below, you are more than welcome to let us know what you make of the president’s comments.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.