Biden Pushes Harder For More Gun Control

Whenever a mass shooting happens, Democrats almost always ramp up new calls for gun control. This pattern has not deviated in the wake of shootings at a Colorado LGBTQ club and a Walmart.

Joe Biden, of course, is leading the charge for more restrictions on guns. Yet, even the president’s past rhetoric has demonstrated his shockingly high levels of ignorance regarding firearms.

Biden, since he’s been in office, has claimed that handguns can carry dozens of ammunition rounds. He’s also claimed that pistols can blow a human’s lung outside of the body.

Now, the president is pushing for more gun control, specifically targeting what he calls “semi-automatic weapons,” as reported by Hot Air.

The Latest From Biden on Gun Control

The president now alleges that the mere purchase of semi-automatic weapons is “sick.” Biden, by his own admission, believes no “rationale” or “redeeming value” in a social sense exists to support the buying, purchase, or ownership of these weapons.

In making such comments, the president hasn’t been particularly clear on what he deems to be “semi-automatic weapons.”

If Biden’s past comments are any indication, then he could very well be considering handguns (one of the most popular, most widely used handguns) as “semi-automatic.”

Biden also made it clear that he intends to push for the elimination of semi-automatic weapons via Congress during the lame-duck period. This is naturally going to take pushback from the GOP caucus in both chambers.

In fact, Biden himself hinted that he could be without the votes necessary to purge the firearms he deems to be “semi-automatic.”

Not a Good Move?

Over the past several years, the purchase of firearms has drastically increased. Moreover, this is largely driven by women and minorities buying guns.

At the end of the day, people want to feel safe amid rising uncertainty, growing crime, and loved ones who need protection.

As Biden announces his measures to tackle access to guns in the United States, he has not yet addressed the rising crime rates. Critics of the president have claimed it’s unreasonable for him to push for more restrictions on gun ownership without getting a handle on growing lawlessness.

Despite the president’s rhetoric, however, there is a very real likelihood that his anti-gun efforts will be successfully blocked in Congress. This will certainly be the case once Republicans take control of the House of Representatives in January 2023.

Already, social media users are ripping Joe Biden’s comments about “semi-automatic” firearms.

What do you think about Joe Biden’s latest efforts to push through more gun control measures and specifically target semi-automatic weapons? In the comments area, feel free to share your thoughts about this and how the nation is going to receive it.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.