Biden Pulls Up His Socks for 2024 Elections Campaign

President Biden is on trips to various states where he is touting his performance in his first year in office.

It is a common perception that this is the beginning of Biden’s 2024 presidential election campaign, as his damaging popularity needs ample time to heal.

Biden is Kicking Off His 2024 Presidential Campaign

There have been speculations that Biden will not run for re-election in 2024, due to his deteriorating health conditions. While Biden denied such reports, the doubts remained intact.

However, this time, Biden’s visit to different states depicts he is up for his reelection campaign for 2024.

On Tuesday, the president will go to New Hampshire to brag about his investment in battleground states through the infrastructure bill signed last year.

He is also likely to pitch for Democrat Senator Maggie Hassan, who is considered the weakest link of Democrats for the upcoming midterm elections. Likewise, pundits are expecting him to make some clear announcements about his 2024 elections.

This visit of Biden is coming after his recent trip to Iowa. Both of these visits are considered crucial because, for a long time, both Iowa and New Hampshire kicked off the presidential primaries of the Democrat Party.

Thus, the tone set in these two states for the presidential primary elections is critical to selecting the final nominee of the party.

A Democrat political strategist close to Biden told Fox News the president does not visit any place without considering the political benefits of the visit.

Similarly, another pro-Biden political strategist stated anonymously that those who believe the president’s visit is not impacted by political choices are misguided.

The same strategist claimed these visits of Biden to the early primary states depict that he is laying down the framework of his 2024 elections.

Biden’s Actions Depict His Deteriorated Mental Health

Biden became the oldest person to win the presidential election back in November 2020.

By the end of his first term, he will be 82, which is raising concerns about his mental, as well as physical, health to hold the most responsible office in the world.

Many pundits have suggested the mental capacity of the president is diminishing over time, which is rendering him ineligible to hold the highest office. 

Former White House physician Ronny Jackson, who tested former President Trump cognitively, stated it is time for Biden to take a cognitive ability test and put the results in front of the nation.

This comes at the time when Biden made controversial remarks about US policy regarding regime change in Russia.

Similarly, after delivering a 40-minute speech in South Carolina, the president shook hands with thin air. He looked shocked in doing so, which has once again started the debate about his mental health.

As the video went viral, Twitter mocked the thin air handshake and flooded the platform with memes.