Biden Presses Back Against Putin’s Anti-American, Anti-western Remarks

The war in Ukraine, by all measures, is not going at all how Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin anticipated. Putin believed that when he hit Ukraine on February 24, it would be a matter of days before the country crumbled.

Instead, Ukraine stood its ground and got support in funds and weapons from various western nations. After months of pushback, Ukraine’s managed to make some progress against Russia, much more progress than many folks thought to be possible.

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Putin isn’t pleased about this. As Russia continues to incur losses, he’s now drafting men within his nation to fight. That includes Russians in jails, mental asylums, etc.

Recently, the president of Russia even went as far as unleashing an unhinged rant against the United States and the West in general. Putin claimed western countries are satanic, hateful against Russia, and otherwise a problem.

Now, Joe Biden is responding to these statements, according to Breitbart News.

Reviewing Biden’s Response to Putin

During comments at the White House, the president claimed America isn’t going to be threatened or bullied by Putin. Biden argued the latest aggressive rhetoric from the Russian president is just a sign that he’s losing and getting more desperate.

Later, Biden argued the United States will continue safeguarding NATO’s “every inch.” Biden reiterated this, saying Putin shouldn’t “misunderstand” this.

In addition to his vows for the nation to defend NATO, the US president also confirmed we will continue partnerships with NATO allies who are determined to push back against Putin’s advances.

With Russia taking more and more losses in the war, there are a lot of questions about what Putin will do next. Many sources warn that the more desperate the Russian president gets, the more dangerous he will become.

Ultimately, it seems that just about anything is possible.

A Preventable Crisis

Despite Biden’s strong words against Putin’s threats, many Americans have said that Biden’s weak leadership, especially in areas of foreign policy, emboldened Putin to strike Ukraine.

Others have pointed out that if Trump were in office right now, Putin never would have moved in against Ukraine the way he has under Biden.

Finally, there are some very real concerns that Putin’s actions in Ukraine could embolden more of America’s enemies to strike. If a member of NATO gets hit by Russia, China, North Korea, or some other enemy, then the stakes get even higher.

Ultimately, time will tell what kind of effect Biden’s words have on the increasingly maniacal president of Russia.

What do you think about Joe Biden’s response to Putin’s aggressive words targeting not just the United States, but the West in general? Please don’t hold back your thoughts on this matter in the comments area down below.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.