Biden, Pelosi Convene in Los Angeles For Democratic Fundraiser

There are a lot of things working against Democrats’ ambitions to hold onto congressional power after this year’s midterms.

Crime, inflation, the southern border, growing challenges facing children’s education, and the low approval numbers of Joe Biden are some of the leading examples.

As Democrats campaign to remain in power, they’re not addressing any of the issues that concern everyday Americans. Instead, Democrats are running on a platform that says America needs to stay on track with continuously failed policies and all will be well.

Meanwhile, polling shows this is a losing message. Nevertheless, Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi still convened in Los Angeles this week for a left-wing fundraiser event, as Fox News reports.

The Last Stand For the Democrat Party

Tickets for the Democratic fundraiser in California started off at $5,000 and went as high as $50,000. Biden’s participation in the Los Angeles event comes as he’s been touring Colorado, Oregon, and southern California in order to help Democrats.

Interestingly enough, despite convening with Pelosi in California, the president didn’t take time to visit Arizona or Nevada.

Then again, in swing states or states with tight elections, many Democratic voters are trying to steer clear of Biden’s baggage, namely his downward approval ratings.

Today, however, Biden’s going to be in Orange County, California. This is where he will talk about how to reduce the prices everyday families are paying in this country.

Ironically, however, the president’s policies are a direct cause for current prices being so high, to begin with.

Less Than Four Weeks to Go

In under one month’s time, Americans will go to the polls and vote on which senators and representatives they want in Congress. As it stands today, the GOP looks very likely to walk away with the win.

At the very least, Republicans are projected to take back the House of Representatives. The Senate isn’t totally out of reach, however, given how GOP candidates are making headway in these elections too.

California is an extremely left-wing state, which is why it makes sense for Biden to join other Democrats in campaigning there. However, this is not indicative of where the rest of the nation stands or how most Americans intend to vote.

Many people throughout the country are looking forward to a different dynamic in Congress. Biden, on the other hand, claims he’ll be vetoing much of what Republicans put forward if they take back control of Congress.

At this rate, it remains to be seen how it all turns out.

What do you make of Biden and Pelosi going to Los Angeles in order to fundraise for the Democrat Party ahead of the midterm elections? Please feel free to share with us in the comments area.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.