Biden Makes New Complaints Against Energy Industry

Since Joe Biden managed to get into the White House, the nation’s energy industry has been in a stranglehold. Biden is doing everything he can to root out domestic energy production because of his party’s harebrained climate change agenda.

Under the Biden administration, the Keystone XL pipeline was shut down. Drilling on federal lands and waters was also significantly restricted. The same goes for the various energy leases the nation was previously accustomed to.

Because the president chose to lower access to energy, it’s more expensive. Yet, Biden wants Americans to believe that “price gouging” is what’s causing the prices of gas and home heating to rise.

Now, he’s saying that oil companies need to do more drilling, despite actively standing in the way of these companies doing more drilling, per Breitbart News.

The Latest From Biden on Oil Companies

While visiting New Mexico, the president sounded off with his latest grievances with the country’s energy industry.

According to him, more drilling would bring Americans relief at the gas pumps. What Biden didn’t mention is that his own mandates are standing in the way of the drilling and subsequent relief that he referenced.

Since his time in the White House, the president opted to halt leases for oil and gas, in addition to leasing far fewer acres for oil and gas. Yet, Biden didn’t mention this in New Mexico when he was sounding off against domestic oil companies.

Leaders within the energy industry have repeatedly expressed their willingness to work with Biden. Though he’s turned up his nose at this on multiple occasions.

Throughout the 2020 presidential election, Biden also made shutting down the fossil fuel industry a hallmark of his campaign.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Biden cannot have it both ways. If he and his administration are going to actively stand in the way of drilling and oil leases, he can’t turn around and condemn oil companies for not drilling as much.

Republicans have repeatedly called out the president on these issues and their impacts on the nation as a whole. Had Biden not disrupted the energy industry in the way he has thus far, gas prices would be far less expensive.

Despite the president’s talking points in New Mexico, he hasn’t demonstrated any willingness to walk back even some of his policies that hammer the energy industry.

Therefore, Americans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for oil companies to do more drilling or for gas prices to go down.

What do you make of the contrast between Joe Biden’s rhetoric in New Mexico pertaining to the energy industry versus his actions that hamper the energy industry? Please feel more than welcome to let us know about this in the comments area.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.