Biden Makes Epic Gaffe While Campaigning in Maryland

Speculations about Joe Biden’s mental state continue to exist, owing to his rhetoric and behavior.

Biden’s been seen with flashcards giving him talking points during press conferences, for starters. Furthermore, he’s let names, locations, and other important details slip while giving important speeches.

Many Americans worry that apparent cognitive complications with Biden pose national security risks, due to the role he plays as the leader of the free world.

Unfortunately, people who have these concerns won’t be comforted by another recent disturbing display from the president in Maryland, according to Breitbart News.

Off to a Bad Start

During Biden’s time in Maryland, he was set to give a speech about the economy. Some may view this as ironic, considering how much the economy continues to struggle under Biden’s leadership.

Nevertheless, Biden started off his speech by attempting to solidify the value of products “made in America.” Yet, even this went wrong when the president claimed he was starting off with “two words,” rather than three words.

Once again, the internet went ablaze with folks quickly pointing out Biden’s mistake. Critics of the president ripped him as unfit to hold office and not mentally sound.

Throughout Biden’s speech in Maryland, he never once got around to correcting himself or conceding that “made in America” consists of three words, rather than two.

The Worst is Yet to Come?

Biden’s flub in Maryland arrives on the heels of him previously warning the United States is in greater proximity to “Armaggedon” than we’ve been since the 60s were here.

The president made these statements in response to threatening recent rhetoric from autocratic Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Yet, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has been largely billed as influenced by Biden’s failed removal of US troops from Afghanistan last year.

When the president was campaigning for public office, he claimed he would be able to restore peace, unity, and stability.

Between Biden’s repeatedly botched speeches and dangerous policies, the country (and the rest of the world) has arguably gotten less safe on his watch. Quite frankly, there’s no telling what else may come next.

The president’s Friday flub only contributes to growing speculations that ejecting Biden from office via the 25th Amendment may be not only appropriate, but also necessary.

Time will ultimately tell what the remainder of Joe Biden’s presidency entails. If the past nearly two years are any indication, then the American people are in for some very rough times.

What do you think of Joe Biden’s latest gaffe during his speech in Maryland yesterday? Do you believe the president will continue to run into various problems while trying to communicate with America?

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This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.