Biden Makes a Fool of Himself in England

Queen Elizabeth the Second of England died on September 8. She will be succeeded by King Charles after her 70-year reign of the United Kingdom now comes to an end.

Despite the fact the United States fought a war against the royal family in the UK in the 1770s, we’re now close allies. Biden attended the funeral, as did many other world leaders.

Though it didn’t go as smoothly as they hoped, thanks to the idiotic antics of various liberals including Biden. Here’s what happened…

Biden and Trudeau Make Fools of Themselves

Canadian leader Justin Trudeau was at the funeral as well and arrived a few days before. Trudeau, who is an authoritarian leftist still locking down parts of his country and restricting travel over COVID, couldn’t be bothered to pretend to care about the queen’s death.

He was captured on camera singing along to a song by the Queen several days before the funeral at his lodgings in London, showing the true immaturity of many of our world leaders.

Biden one-upped Trudeau by making an idiot of himself at the actual funeral.

What Did Biden Do?

First of all, Biden showed up really late to the funeral itself. This was very rude, to say the least. It was also his fault because he grabbed his limo to go there, instead of riding along with other world leaders in other transport options.

Taking his limo led to Biden hitting traffic, which made him late for the funeral and he then had to sit in the peanut gallery way back.

He also was heckled with shouts of “Let’s Go Brandon” when he got out, showing just how far mockery of him has spread all around the world.

Once inside and standing around waiting to be seated late to one of the most solemn funerals in decades, Biden sat there and played with his tongue.

Yes, take a look.

The Bottom Line

Biden was also spotted with a note to remind him of what to write in the official book of condolences for the queen. Not only does he have to be fed his words, but apparently, he can’t even write a few basic condolences in a book at the queen’s funeral.

How hard is it really? How is this guy leading the free world? He took his own limo and made controversy by making it clear he finds himself superior to others…

Whereas then he ended up at the funeral sitting behind the disgusting leader of Canada and the leader of countries like Poland.

What about being number one? Biden is embarrassing and humiliating us in so many ways every day while the world’s stability collapses. The only person I can imagine who would be worse is Kamala Harris.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.