Biden Made a “Terrible Mistake”, Al Qaeda Will Again Show Its Wrath

Francis “Bing” West, the former Assistant Secretary of State, made a warning stating that the al Qaeda will again display its “viper head”, adding that the speech Biden made on Monday was “disingenuous”. 

Former assistant defense secretary mentioned that the U.S. lost the war and it doesn’t matter how Biden is trying to portray it

During his speech on Monday, Biden defended his decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan, despite the chaos and the fact that the Taliban already captured the nation. The Taliban swiftly captured the country, attacked the nation’s capital, and then took charge of the presidential palace. 

In an interview with Fox News after Biden’s speech, Francis “Bing” West stated that the U.S. “lost the war”, adding that he does not care how Biden is trying to display it. The former assistant defense secretary under the Reagan administration then made a bold statement. He claimed that the Americans are the “losers” and are coming out like losers, particularly with the current situation at the international airport in Afghanistan. 

After the Taliban invaded the nation’s capital, the international airport outside of Kabul fell into chaos with Afghans and foreigners, including American citizens attempting to escape Afghanistan. There were at least seven people who died in the mayhem. 

West added he was shocked at how defensive Biden was, adding that the president was almost “angry” that the situation in Afghanistan is happening since he is so much in power. He then added that Biden is not in power and he did not reveal the truth. 

The president was “disingenuous”, the former assistant defense secretary said. He also made comments against Biden’s statement during Monday’s address, declaring that there will be unending rows of gravestones at the National Cemetery of Arlington.

Biden made a “terrible mistake” and in six months, the U.S. will again be shooting targets in Afghanistan

West, who is also a Marine combat veteran, noted that they have been in combat for a few years now and Biden’s assessment is not true. He then mentioned that the last time the U.S. had over 100 military deaths was back in 2013. The second-highest number of U.S. fatalities since 2013 was 54. Then 2015 and 2019 come third with 22 fatalities. 

West then noted that the U.S. could keep the terrorists from taking control of Afghanistan. He later stated that the Al Qaeda terrorist group will again display its viper head, and he has no doubts that in the next six months, the U.S. will again be striking targets in Afghanistan. 

These are bound to happen, regardless of what Biden says, West warned. The former assistant defense secretary also mentioned that unfortunately, Biden made a “terrible mistake” that will, later on, come back and bite the U.S.