Biden Lies About Gas Prices While Campaigning in California

When it comes to gas prices, the Biden administration is twisting itself into a pretzel to avoid the facts.

Gas prices have been invariably rising, thanks to inflation and poor fiscal policies from the federal government. As these prices go up, Biden is blaming Russia, the GOP, and everything but his own leadership.

However, when there was a modest decline in gas prices, largely caused by fewer people on the roads, Biden didn’t hesitate to assume credit.

This week, the president visited Los Angeles, California in order to rally for Democrats ahead of the midterm elections. Though he’s come under fire for comments he made to the media about gas prices, as reported by Breitbart News.

A Closer Look at Biden’s Newest Argument on Gas Costs

After gathering with Los Angeles Democrats, the media asked Biden what he makes of gas prices in California overall being close to $7.00 per gallon. The president responded by falsely alleging this has always been where the costs of gas stood.

He then followed up with more untrue claims. According to Biden, a $1.35 reduction in gas prices has materialized. In reality, there have been about $0.30 rises in what Americans are paying for gas.

Of all states nationwide, California has been extremely hit hard by the costs of gas. Though the state legislature plays a role in this as well. Earlier this year, California had the opportunity to join other states, red and blue alike, in pausing the gas tax.

Instead, the state legislature chose to increase taxes on oil and gas companies. Naturally, this is a matter that Biden decided not to get into.

The Truth About Gas Prices in the United States

Because of Joe Biden’s anti-energy reforms, prices of gas have risen dramatically. At any time, the president could roll back his obstructions against pipelines and gas leases; though he chooses not to do this.

Biden would rather take action that aligns with a radical climate change agenda, even if this doesn’t put the interests of Americans first.

No matter how much the Biden administration lies about gas prices, Americans are reminded of the truth every single day.

Considering the recent passage of even more spending bills (like the Inflation Reduction Act), the costs of gas in this nation are about to get even higher, along with other market prices.

Biden’s refusal to be honest about this country’s gas prices is all the more reason why his party shouldn’t control the congressional majority.

What do you make of Joe Biden’s latest remarks as they pertain to the prices of gas in this country? Do you think these costs will get even higher on the watch of the Biden administration?

You’re more than welcome to share your views and predictions in the comments area.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.