Biden Lied to Americans on Afghanistan Once Again

Ben Sasse, a GOP senator from Nebraska, chastised the Biden administration for telling lies regarding the number of entrapped Americans in Afghanistan who are at the mercy of the Taliban.

Biden lied about the number of Americans stranded in Afghanistan

On Friday, the Republican senator said the president has shamelessly lied about the number of US citizens currently present in Afghanistan and actively seeking to flee the country.

The GOP lawmaker claimed the incumbent administration said only 100 Americans were present in Afghanistan at the time of the US withdrawal. Now, as the Biden administration is claiming to bring some of them out of the war-ravaged country, the government alleges 300 US citizens are still present in Afghanistan.

Sasse claimed the government is lying to hide the drastic consequences of the US’ hasty withdrawal so Biden can be saved from utter humiliation. Sasse further noted this coverup is a matter of shame on the Biden administration. The lawmaker then advised the president to bring all Americans back home as soon as possible.

Biden normalized lying to Americans with the Afghanistan crisis

Meanwhile, James Wegmann, Sasse’s communications director, told Fox News Biden’s constant rhetoric of “only 100” Americans in Afghanistan was a deliberate effort to keep the public in the dark.

He added reports are continuously coming of Americans departing Afghanistan, and still the magical number of “100 Americans” is increasing instead of decreasing.

Recently, CNN reported more than 200 Americans out of the remaining 300 in Afghanistan are looking to escape the country. In August, at the time of the US withdrawal, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said “likely closer to 100” Americans were present in Afghanistan.

Biden’s approach of welcoming illegal immigrants into the United States and ignoring the American citizens in Afghanistan altogether depicts a sorrowful state of affairs.

Almost all Americans present in the war-torn country are desperately trying to leave the country. Of them, many helped the US military in Afghanistan during a 20-year war. This puts them at high risks of being attacked not only by the Taliban, but also by other warring factions, including ISIS-K.

This is not the first time the Biden administration tried to lie to Americans regarding the Afghanistan war. For instance, the president said no one advised him to keep a small number of troops in Afghanistan.

However, Gen. Mark Milley declared he, along with other top military leadership, advised the president to keep a small number of forces in the country to assist Afghan forces against the Taliban’s advancement.

Similarly, Joe Biden wrongly predicted Afghan forces would pose resistance to the Taliban. However, as the tragic events unfolded, the Afghan army surrendered to the Taliban without firing even a single bullet in most of the places.