Biden Just Told the Country He Suffers From Cancer

Joe Biden has become notorious for making gaffes when he’s speaking publicly.

It wasn’t too long ago that Biden was reading aloud teleprompter directions reserved specifically for him. On countless occasions, at this point, the White House has ended up having to correct Biden and set the record straight on what he really means.

Unfortunately, the president’s gaffes are getting more regular, rather than dying down. Additionally, Americans are beginning to see why the White House has worked to keep reporters away from Biden.

It’s also beginning to make sense why the president didn’t hold very many press conferences or other speaking engagements during the earliest weeks of his term.

Now, a fresh gaffe (or possible admission) from Biden has the entire nation talking, per Breitbart News.

Cancer Plaguing the President?

On Wednesday, Biden spent time in Massachusetts to rally for “clean energy.”

This is something that’s been relentlessly pushed by the Biden administration, even as it comes at the expense of the economy and reasonable gas prices.

Nevertheless, the president declared yesterday that one of the state’s defunct coal plants would ultimately be transitioned into a clean energy program site.

It is from this moment that Biden began to draw on his own personal experiences in order to drive home the point of clean energy.

According to the president, when he grew up in Delaware, he remembers people having to use windshield wipers to get oil off their cars, due to a nearby oil refinery.

It was from this point that Biden claimed he and other folks who he spent his childhood with are now suffering from cancer. The president didn’t elaborate on this or reveal when he received an alleged diagnosis of cancer.

Gaffe or Truth?

After the president’s statements were released on Wednesday, the American public started sounding off on social media.

Many folks claimed they thought Biden was ultimately making another gaffe, rather than truly revealing to the country that he’s suffering from cancer. Up until yesterday, there’s been no mention whatsoever of Biden having cancer.

However, even if the president was just making another gaffe, it’s still a cause for concern to many Americans. Much of the country agrees that Biden ultimately has no idea what he’s talking about.

Others agree the president could have simply gotten words on the teleprompter confused or meant to say something very different from cancer.

Either way, it remains to be seen how Biden’s team at the White House attempts to clean this one up.

Do you believe Joe Biden is really suffering from cancer or do you think his remark was just another gaffe amid promoting clean energy? In the comments area below, let us know what you feel really happened.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.