Biden Just Messed Up the Annual Pre-Super Bowl Interview Ahead of Schedule

Joe Biden and his White House team have managed to blunder miserably on the traditional, annual presidential pre-Super Bowl interview.

Bizarre White House Claims

The fate of what was supposed to be the 2023 presidential pre-Super Bowl interview seems to have fallen apart because of the Biden White House snubbing of Fox News. This is the TV network showing Super Bowl LVII this Sunday.

Statements and comments out of both the White House and Fox News on Friday caused widespread confusion as to whether the presidential interview would even take place, CBS News reported.

While the report insisted there were “dueling” claims, with each side conflicting with the other, it seems the White House deliberately sabotaged the interview tradition simply because Biden was supposed to speak with the hosts of a conservative TV channel.

In a tweet posted on Friday, Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, declared the Democratic president had been “looking forward to” having an interview – yet not with Fox News, but with Fox Soul.

FOX Soul is a streaming service that Fox launched in 2020 and which is directed at black Americans.

Jean-Pierre said Biden wanted to discuss “critical issues” for the lives of black Americans, as well as the State of the Union and the Super Bowl. However, the White House press secretary claimed, Fox Corporation decided to cancel the interview.

Accusations That Fox Canceled for No Reason

Several hours later on Friday, Fox Corp issued a statement saying, “some initial confusion” occurred after the White House asked FOX Soul on Thursday evening to do the interview with the president.

They said the streaming service was happy to interview Biden. After that, however, a White House official claimed there had been no rescheduling of the presidential interview.

The official reiterated the claims that the White House arranged to have the interview with Mike Hill and Vivica Fox, the FOX Sports hosts, but Fox Corp canceled it.

Lending more credibility to the Fox News side of the story, its host Bret Baier said, on Tuesday, that the network “formally asked” the White House for the Super Bowl interview. However, the latter hadn’t responded even though the days were running out.

Empty Shelves Joe has never had an actual “sit-down interview” with Fox News since occupying the White House two years ago.

The CBS report shyly mentions that the White House “sometimes views” the conservative channel as catering to the “extremes of the conservative bases,” and that it was being unfair to the Democratic administration.

For Super Bowl 2022, Biden got interviewed by NBC News. Then, for Super Bowl 2021, he was interviewed by CBS News. Joe Biden himself will not be attending the Super Bowl game but First Lady Jill Biden is scheduled to attend.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.