Biden: Italy’s New PM is a Threat to American Democracy

Joe Biden received conservatives’ backlash after suggesting democracy in America is at stake because a right-wing politician was elected as prime minister of Italy.

Biden was speaking at the Democratic Governors Association in Washington when he made the weird analogy in his bid to promote candidacies of Democratic governors in the November elections.

Biden Makes Weird Analogy in His Election Campaign

In his speech, Biden claimed American democracy is at stake in the upcoming midterm elections. While trying to prove his assertion, Biden added a far-right woman, Giorgia Meloni, was elected as the new prime minister of Italy.

Likewise, Biden also claimed some people think democracies cannot sustain in the 21st century, while referring to the statement of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Considering what is happening around the world, Biden continued, he is aiming to see Democratic governors winning their elections.

Furthermore, Biden established he does not want to exaggerate things, but the worldwide pattern of the rise of conservative politicians is also detrimental to the United States.

Biden, alongside other Democratic politicians, has often established that Republicans are detrimental to democracy in the United States.

However, Twitter users were quick to denounce Biden’s comments about the deteriorating condition of democracy in America.

One columnist, Eddie Zipperer, stated democracies could only be protected if people are allowed to vote as per their will, irrespective of which politician they want to cast their vote for.

In addition, Noah Pollak, the Washington Free Beacon journalist, added Biden is promoting the progressive view of politics, in which all the election outcomes that go against the left are considered illegal and dangerous.

Similarly, Newsbusters editor Tim Graham suggested liberal politicians believe democracy will only sustain if they win their elections, while right-wing politicians are detrimental to democracies.

Furthermore, Joe Colangelo, Boxcar CEO, established left-leaning politicians want to suspend democracy whenever conservatives win their elections. Colangelo added Biden believes democratically held elections are detrimental to Democrats’ version of democracy.

Liberal Media Also Enraged at Meloni’s Victory in Italy

Biden’s presence at a political fundraiser also sparked concerns among conservative watchdogs. They slammed the president for doing political activities instead of mitigating the effects of the dangerous hurricane in Florida.

During his speech, Biden also slammed Republican politicians for diverting from the original purpose of the GOP. 

Apart from Biden, Meloni’s victory in Italy also disturbed many liberal media outlets. As Meloni has deep ties with American Republicans, she is an advocate of strictly observed immigration laws, which triggered mainstream media networks.

Politico accused Meloni’s political party, Brothers of Italy, of promoting neo-fascism in Italy. Similarly, Politico asserted Meloni is likely to stop funding Ukraine in its war against Russia.

This will also urge American Republicans to oppose US financial contributions towards Ukraine, which is helping the war-torn country in averting the consequences of the war.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.